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[[Image:|frame|]] མེ་ལོང་རྡོ་རྗེ།
me long rdo rje

Short biography

  • From the THDL's version: "Blue Annals English Translation Chapter 03", Pg.75

xi. me long rdo rje (Chengdu 244, R 196)
His ('khrul zhig seng ge rgyal po) disciple was me long rdo rje who was born to bsam yas, a yogin, and 'bar ma at sgrags phu in the year Water-Female-Hare (chu mo yos—1243 A.D.). At the age of 9, he took up ordination in the presence of the mahāsiddha za lung pa and the mahā-upādhyāya se lung pa. While he was meditating at rangs mtsho, his understanding blossomed forth, and he obtained the faculty of prescience. At the age of 16, he performed about a hundred gaṇacakras at zhogs stengs of sgrags phu and perceived the Relative meaning of Nature (gnas lugs stong pa nyid). Then he visited various places and attended on many teachers.

He practiced extensively austerities at sha 'ug stag sgo (near sa skya), mkhar C:and other localities. At the age of 18, in [R:197] the year Iron-Ape (lcags spre—1260 A.D.) he obtained the doctrine of snying thig from seng ge dbon po at seng ge rgyab. He practiced meditation, and during six days he had a vision, by day and by night, of Vajrasattva. During the initiation ceremony, he met in a dream the Teachers of his Spiritual Lineage, and obtained (their) blessing. At the age of 23, he obtained many hidden precepts (gter chos) such as the Vajravārahī (rdo rje phag mo) and others, from sangs rgyas ras pa. He had a vision of Vajravārahī. He saw [F:43a] bde mchog lhan skyes, Hayagrīva, Tārā, Avalokiteśvara, Samantabhadra, Vajrasattva, Vimala, u rgyan, za lung pa, sangs rgyas ras pa and 'gro mgon rin po che [C:245] surrounded by a mass of light.

At dung lung he heard the voices of ḍākiṇīs. At ka ba can, he saw in the sky Vārahī (phag mo) and za lung pa. At the age of 26, he obtained numerous instructions, while attending on 'khrul zhig dar ma, sprul sku rgya mtsho and others. He also obtained many instructions from mdo bo ras pa of mtshur phu, and 'khrul zhig dbon po of dgon rtse. He practiced meditation at mkhan pa ljongs, mkhan pa gling, seng ge rdzong, kun bzangs gling and mkhar chu, and labored for the welfare of living beings.

Since he be had to die at the age of 37, prayers were offered by a priest named ācārya kun dga', and he lived till the age of 61, and passed away in the year Water-Female-Hare (chu mo yos—1303 A.D.). This Water-Female-Hare year is the 74th year of the mahāsiddha u rgyan pa, and the 14th year of bu ston kha che, the 2nd year of ta'i si tu byang chub rgyal mtshan, the 38th year of rig 'dzin ku ma ra dza, the 81st year of 'khrul zhig dhar ma seng ge, the 36th year of snye mdo kun dga' don grub. When me long rdo rje was 38, sangs rgyas ras pa died.

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