Balpo Asu

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Balpo Asu

The Nepalese Asu, a contemporary of Phadampa Sangye; according to Go Lotsawa he was the grandson of an Indian scholar and a student of the Indian master Vajrapani and became particularly proficient in the Mahamudra system, especially in the various Doha cycles like those of Saraha. He apparently was en route to China, on a pilgrimage, when he settled in Tibet, north of Lhasa, and got married there. He is credited with having translated some of Saraha's Doha cycles into Tibetan and with having composed and subsequently translated various commentaries on these. One of his most famous students in Tibet was Rechungpa, the foremost heartson of Milarepa. Asu was the founder of the smad 'gyur tradition of Mahamudra in Tibet.

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