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Founder of the Sautrantika Madhyamaka; also known as Bhavya (legs ldan 'byed) An emanation of 'phags pa rab 'byor (Arya Pratiyog) who deliberately took rebirth in south India as a holder of the tradition of Nagarjuna to make clear the view of Madhyamaka. A disciple of Samgharaksita he had vision of Vajrapani. After the death of Buddhapalita he composed a commentary on the rtsa ba shes rab known as the Wisdom Lamp (Skt. Janandeepa, shes rab sgron ma, 5253) which refuted some of Buddhapalita's views and expounded the view of the Sautrantika, relying upon Nagarjuna teachings, in a way which is meant to lead through skillfull means to the view of the Prasangika Madhyamaka, which is more difficult to understand. [MR] [RY]