Chakrasamvara and his consort

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Cakrasaṃvara with Vajravarahi

འཁོར་ལོ་སྡོམ་པ / བདེ་མཆོག།

Chakrasamvara (Chinese: 胜乐金刚 shènglè jīngāng; Tibetan: Korlo Demchog Wylie: khor lo sdom pa / bde mchog) with Vajravarahi (Chinese 金刚亥母 jīngāng hàimǔ; Tibetan: Dorje Pakmo, Wylie: rdo-rje phag-mo; English: the Vajra Sow), a form of Vajrayogini.

"Said to be a fierce aspect of the Vajrayogini, she is regarded as the empress of the dancing, fierce dakinis. Vajravarahi represents passion and compassion, and ignorance as well as the wisdom of the all-encompassing matrix from which all phenomea unfold. She is associated with the Buddha Vairocana, her partner is Chakrasamvara, and she was the tutelary dakini of the adepts Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa and Phagmogru. As such, she is an especially important figure within the Kagyudpa lineage." [1]


see Chakrasamvara ('khor lo bde mchog).