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btang snyoms - 1) equanimity, impartiality, indifference, unconcern, evenmindedness, apathy [as one of the eleven virtuous mental states]. 2) to ignore, disregard, be careless, indifferent, neutral; impartial; 3) {mnyam par gzhag pa'i tshe bying rgod sogs kyis mi nyams par rtsol med mnyam nyid du 'jug pa} pure state of equanimity; one of the seven causes of enlightenment {byang chub yan lag bdun); neutral feeling between pleasure and suffering, neutrality, one of the four immeasurables {tshad med pa bzhi} RY

btang snyoms - 1) a term indicating the total (equanimous) view which comes to be revealed as already absolute, innate non-connectedness, non-relatedness, and non-particularity of anything whatsoever - neither one nor more than one thing as may (otherwise) be related to any other thing or things. -- Otherwise, (and as is commonplace and seemingly natural) this makes manifest our dualistic notions (ie., 'this, that, and other') as well as our conceptuality of particulars and, when applicable, their aggregates (skandhas). What's also quite natural about such extremes is unawareness (ignorance) of such. The view of (pure, undifferientiated) equanimity includes but is not limited merely to opposites. It 'sees' or, reveals means and purpose where heretofore, none is perceived. Nothing escapes its vast panorama of view upon awakening through recognition. 2) The infinite view which subsumes all 'things'. 3) The view in which even the term 'equality' cannot be appropriately applied, for here we have neither singularity nor plurality, meaning that as this we have neither 'one' nor 'some other(s)' by which such equality might be established. Only in a relative sense then, things are ever changing, and yet ultimately are always beyond even unity in 'their' sameness, see dbyer med. The view is 'already like this' once we come to this awareness. Complete and total equanimity is effortlessly ineffable, and what's moreso - innate beyond even thought...as also is unawareness innate until such a time as it awakens to realization...as it is. It's merely revealed as such, yet never attained...always present yet neither had nor possessed. 4) This equanimity is the view beyond - and as essence cannot be limited by, or to 'any or all-things'. Pure awareness. rig pa See also Dharmakaya; chos sku; tha mi dad pa. RWB

btang snyoms - 1) equanimity [middle not falling into partialities of enemy and friend, pleasure and pain passion and aggression etc.]; 2) [one of the dge ba'i sems byung bcu gcig in body and mind la w/o doing harm 'dod kyang med, body and mind also w/o performance of excellent virtue and benefit pas 'grogs pa'am phrad pa 'dod pa yang med do; 3) [one of the four bhrama viharas tsangs pa'i gnas pa bzhi, equanimity toward sentient beings w/o near and far, an antidote for passion and aggression [one of the 11 virtuous mental states, 1 of the byang chub yan lag bdun - the 7 limbs or causes of enlightenment] impartiality, indifference, unconcern, even mindedness ignore, disregard, be careless indifferent, impartial [in meditation entering into effortless equanimity undamaged by discursiveness and wildness and so forth in meditation, w/o experiencing drowsiness or discursiveness etc., entering into effortless equality] IW

btang snyoms - equanimity; apathy/ indifference RB

btang snyoms - even-mindedness, indifference, equanimity, careless, equilibrium, purposeless, indifferent, without any object in view, even treatment of all things, perfect apathy, perfect impartiality JV