Lodrö Namgyal

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Khedrub Lodro Namgyal (1618-1683)

blo gros rnam rgyal [1618-1683] was a nephew of Taranatha’s, also known as mkhas grub blo gros rnam rgyal. In the history of the jo nang tradition by ma ti rin po che mkhan po blo gros grags pa [1920-1975], the dpal ldan jo nang pa’i chos ‘byung rgyal ba’i chos tshul gsal byed zla ba’i sgron me and its monumental supplement jo nang chos ‘byung gi lhan thabs brgyud rim dpal ldan bla ma gang dag gi mtshan nyid rab tu gsal ba nyi gzhon ‘od snang dad pa’i padmo rnam par bzhad byed, we read that he was a student of both Jetsün Tāranātha and rgyal tshab kun dga’ rin chen rgya mtsho. He met with Tāranātha at the age of sixteen and received refuge and ordination from him. Later, in a solitary retreat, blo gros rnam rgyal had a vision of Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen [1292-1361] who prophesied that his main area of activity would be in the east. Accordingly he spent the later part of his life mainly in Kham and Amdo and even visited Mongolia. Of these years, he spent twelve in gtsang ba monastery in ‘dzam thang alone.

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