Rechung Kagyu

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Rechung Kagyu (ras chung dkar brgyud / ras chung bka' brgyud)

"Ras chung Bka' brgyud pa, a subsect of the Dkar brgyud pa that has now completely disappeared as a separate entity. The chief teaching of this tradition is the Ras chung snyan rgyud or the Bde mchog mkha' 'gro snyan rgyud, a teaching now widely practiced by the 'Brug pa Bka' brgyud pa, especially by the Stod subsect."


The transmission lineage of these teachings to Tsang Nyon Heruka is


The most important teachings of this lineage are known as the ras chung snyan brgyud or bde mchog mkha' 'gro snyan rgyud.

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