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ka ma la shi la - 1) Kamalashila. 2) Indian disciple of Khenpo Shantarakshita. {pad ma'i ngang tshul} 8th century Indian master of Svatantrika Madhyamika who visited Tibet and defeated the Chinese monk Ha-Shang in debate. Disciple of Shantarakshita and invited to Tibet by King Trisong Deutsen. proponent of Svatantrika [RY]

grol sde - proponent of Svatantrika [RY]

sgyu ma don dam par 'dod pa'i dbu ma rang rgyud pa - Svatantrika School Asserting Ultimate Illusion [RY]

thag na - proponent of Svatantrika [RY]

mdo sde spyod pa'i dbu ma rang rgyud pa - sutra autonomy middle way school. [a branch of Svatantrika-Madhyamaka. [RY]

rnam grangs pa'i don dam - specified; [can be counted and defined as such and such, nonarising etc.] categorized / enumerated ultimate. one of {don dam bden pa gnyis} ultimate reality that can be expressed in words, from the Yogachara-Svatantrikas [RY]

rnam grangs min pa'i don dam - categorized / unenumerated ultimate, the Ultimate Truth which cannot be expressed in words, from the Yogchara-Svatantrikas [RY]

rnal 'byor spyod pa'i dbu ma rang rgyud pa - the Yogacara, Madhyamaka Svatantrika, The line of thought [strongly mentalistic-phenomenalistic] initiated by Shantarakshita and his disciple Kamalashila which synthesized the Madhyamaka svatantrika line [of Bhavaviveka with the understanding of the Yogacara school [RY]

dpal sbas - see {slob dpon dpal sbas} most glorious; proponent of Svatantrika [RY]

dbu ma rang rgyud - Svatantrika-Madhyamaka [RY]

dbu ma rang rgyud gong ma - the Higher Madhyamika Svatantrika. [Syn. {rab tu mi gnas pa} [RY]

dbu ma rang rgyud pa - Svatantrika Madhyamaka School [RY]

dbu ma rang rgyud pa - Middle way autonomy school. Svatantrika-Madhyamika, [is divided into {sgyu ma don dam pa}, {rab tu mi gnas pa}. dogmatists centrist [RY]

mar me mdzad bzang po - proponent of Svatantrika [RY]

sman zhabs - proponent of Svatantrika; Vitapaada [RY]

zhi ba 'tsho - proponent of Svatantrika; Indian pandita, first half of 8th century. Shantarakshita [RY]

ye shes snying po - proponent of Svatantrika; the master Jnanagarbha, guru of Marpa, the Sarvastivadin scholar who ordained and named Bodhisattva Shantarakshita / {mkhan po zhi ba 'tsho} a disciple and precept-successor in the Vinaya lineage of {slob dpon dpal sbas} The guru of Bodhisattva Shantarakshita [RY]

ye shes zhabs - proponent of Svatantrika [RY]

rang rgyud gong ma - Higher Svatantrika School [RY]

rang rgyud pa - 1) one who relies on autonomous inferences [svantantra] to refute true existence. 2) a Madhyamika who asserts that, conventionally, phenomena are naturally existent. 3) a dogmaticist, svantantrika. 4) [substance-grasping] as in {rnam rtog} Syn {tha mal pa} 5) see {dbu ma rang rgyud pa} 6) independently existent Syn {rang mtshan pa} 7) ordinary. (to be inherently endowed with an) autonomous (mind-stream); Svatantrika. Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {legs ldan 'byed kyi rjes 'brang tha snyad du chos thams cad skye ba med pa dang stong pa nyid la sogs pa rang lugs su khas blangs nas/ tshul gsum dngos stobs kyis grub pa'i rang rgyud kyi gtan tshigs gtso bor sgrub byed du 'god pa'i phyir rang rgyud pa zhes bya} [RY]

rang rgyud pa - Svatantrika. Branch of the Madhyamaka, distinguished by use of conventional forms of philosophical reasoning [RY]

rang rgyud pa brgyad - the eight Svatantrika systems / schools [RY]

rang rgyud pa'i rnam gzhag - the Svatantrika system [RY]

rang rgyud pa'i lugs - the Svatantrika system [RY]

rang rgyud 'og ma - the Lower Svatantrika School, Lower Svantantrika [RY]

rang rgyud lugs - the Svatantrika system [RY]

rab tu mi gnas pa'i dbu ma rang rgyud pa - Svatantrika School of Complete Nondwelling [RY]

legs ldan 'byed - Bhavaviveka, a disciple and precept-successor of Nagarjuna. Founder of Svatantrika. founder of {mdo sde'i dbu ma} Sautrantika-Madhyamaka [RY]

legs ldan 'byed - Bhavaviveka, Indian pandita to whom the Svatantrika Madhyamika system owes its origin [first half of 5th century] [RY]

seng bzang - proponent of Svatantrika [RY]

slob dpon bha bya'am legs ldan byed - proponent of Svatantrika [RY]