Accumulation of Merit

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Accumulation of merit (bsod nams kyi tshogs). Virtuous actions with concepts. [RY]

kun rdzob rgya che ba'i lam gyi rim pa - the aspects of the path of relative vastness [kindness, compassion, bodhicitta etc. comprising the aspect of upaya and the accumulation of merit.] [IW]

tshogs gnyis - two accumulations. The accumulation of merit with concepts and the accumulation of wisdom beyond concepts [RY]

tshogs zhing - assembled gathering; basis for the accumulation of merit/ gathering the accumulations [RB]

tshogs lam - path of accumulation. The first of the five paths which forms the foundation for the journey towards liberation and involves gathering a vast accumulation of merit dedicated towards this attainment, towards revealing nature of mind...enlightenment. On this path one gains an intellectual and conceptual understanding of egolessness through learning and reflection. By means of cultivating the four applications of mindfulness, the four right endeavors, and the four legs of miraculous action, one succeeds in eliminating the gross defilements that cause samsaric suffering and in attaining the virtuous qualities of the superknowledges and the 'samadhi of the stream of Dharma' leading to the path of joining [RY]

tshogs bsags pa - accumulation of merits [JV]

tshod nams kyi tshogs - accumulation of merit [RY]

bsags pa - violate, commit, accumulation of merits, composite, cumulate, accumulated, accumulating [JV]

bsod nams kyi phung po mtho ba yin - manifest the most uplifting accumulation of merit [RY]

bsod nams kyi tshogs - accumulation of merit, [punya sambhara]; provision of merit. good fortune merit accumulation gathering, store of merit, one of the {tshogs gnyis} the two accumulations; {sangs rgyas kyi gzugs sku'i dngos rgyu} [RY]

bsod nams kyi tshogs - accumulation of merit [RY]

bsod nams kyi tshogs sgrub - establish the accumulation of merit [IW]

bsod nams tshogs dang ldan pa - possessing the accumulation of merit [IW]