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bzang ba noble/ good/ positive/ edifying. (RB)

well, good auspicious, 1 of 27 coincidences in astrology, SA sbyor ba nyer bdun, gracious, propitious, good in every respect, fine, nice, right, of good quality. (JV)

worthy. (RY)

fine. (RY)

1) bzang po; 2) deity dbang phyug chen po; 2) six; 3) auspicious days; 4) good, beautiful, kind, excellent, fine, sincere, well-meaning. (IW)

1) bzang po [1 1 of the sbyor ba nyer bdun [astr] 1 of the 16 sthaviras gnas brtan bcu drug 1 dwelling in chu bo ya mu na'i gling; 2) deity dbang phyug chen po; 2) six [from the six good medicines, sman bzang, ka ko la, cu gang, sug smel, dz' ti, li shi, gur gum]; 3) yar ngo'i bzang po [1st the 2nd day 2nd the 7th 3rd the 12th, mar ngo'i bzang po 1st the 17th, 2nd the 22nd, 3rd 27th; 4) good, beautiful, kind, excellent, fine kind, sincere, well-meaning. (IW)

noble, good, positive, edifying. (RY)

Bhadrika, important monk follower of the Buddha; one of the 'phags pa'i gnas brtan bcu drug the sixteen [staviras], [arhats]. good, kindness, excellent. (RY)

1) good, excellent, positive, well, auspicious, nice, right, of good quality; 2) noble, righteous, virtuous, honorable; 3) honest, sincere, upright, upstanding, decent, worthy, noble-minded, moral, ethical, reputable, magnanimous, brave, 3) lofty, exalted, elevated, grand, sublime, imposing, edifying; 4) kind, kind-hearted, warm, warm-hearted, well-meaning, gracious, propitious; 5) beautiful, fine. Erick Tsiknopoulos