dam pa rigs brgya

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42 peaceful and 58 wrathful deities [JV]

100 sacred aspects/ supreme ones, zhi khro--). rgyal ba'i phung po lnga are the sugatas, khams bzhi the Consorts, skye mched drug the bodhisattvas, yul lnga rdo rje ma: these 20 divided in five for the five families: gsang 'dus kyi lha brgya - [IW]

100 sacred aspects/ supreme ones [IW]

Supreme Hundred Families. Name of a sadhana text composed by Guru Rinpoche focused on the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities [RY]

Hundred sacred aspects. The 42 peaceful and 58 wrathful deities [RY]

Hundred sacred aspects, the One Hundred Supreme Ones, zhi khro [RY]

the Transcendent Hundredfold Family (the 42 peaceful and 58 wrathful deities of the Assembly of 100 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]