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Dam-ngak Dzo. The "Treasury of Oral Instructions." One of the "Five Treasuries" by Jamgön Kongtrül the First, it is a collection of 13 volumes containing the essential teachings of the Eight Practice Lineages. See its index under Dam Ngag Dzo [RY] [TSD]

Dam-ngak dzo (Longchenpa, 1 of mdzod bdun) [IW]

"Treasury of Oral Instructions", compiled, structured, and completed by Jamgön Kongtrül [RY]

"The Dam Ngak Dzod (A treasury of Key instructions) contains teachings of the Eight Main Practicing Lineages of Tibetan Buddhism in Ten volumes. These eight main teachings are:[1]
  1. Kadampa teachings
  2. Sakyapa teachings
  3. Marpa Kagyu teachings
  4. Shangpa Kagyu teachings
  5. Shije teachings
  6. Kalachakra teachings
  7. Orgyenpa and other minor teachings
  8. Dzogchen teachings
"In general we have many different type of teachings. The word of Buddha (Skt. Buddha Vacana) which are aimed to be adopted by many different people. So we have some teachings with interpretive meanings, some teachings with definitive meaning. The treatises which are more practical when one applies the Buddhas words to oneself, because the different aspects and levels are already defined and separated. The pith instructions , which are unlike the treatises, which establish the meaning of Buddha’s words by reasoning and quotations, can directly be applied to oneself. For that reason the pith instructions 8 types of teachings reached Tibet via Nepal. Each of these great chariots of the practice lineage is a complete set of teachings within itself. In order to maintain the vitality of these lineages Jamgon Kongtrul collected the most important of these pith instructions. However when Jamgon Kongtrul passed on the teachings he started with the Kadampa teachings. Since these lay the foundation of Bodhicitta and give the Dzog chen teachings of the Nyingmapa as last part."

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