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ka dag rnal 'byor - practitioners who have acquired authentic knowledge of the original purity [JV]

kun mkhyen nyid - all-knowledge [IW]

kun mkhyen nyid - omniscience, all-knowledge [RY]

kun gyi rtsa ba - root/ source of everything [wisdom, divine knowledge] [IW]

kun gyi rtsa ba - root of everything, wisdom, divine knowledge [JV]

kun gyi rtsa ba - 1) root of everything, source of everything. 2) wisdom, divine knowledge [RY]

kun chub - wisdom, all-perfection, divine knowledge [JV]

kun tu gzigs - he who sees all things and everywhere by his divine eye of knowledge, name of buddha or Avalokitesvara [JV]

kun btags kyi ma rig pa - misknowledge, the ignorance of imputation imputed ignorance [IW]

kun btags kyi ma rig pa - conceptual ignorance, the ignorance of imputation. imputed ignorance, mis-knowledge [RY]

kun rtogs ye shes - discriminating wisdom, discriminating knowledge [RY]

shes rab - prajna, knowledge * [sometimes contrasted to ye shes as intellectual knowledge vs [religious] wisdom, but sometimes = shes rab pha rol phyin and contrasted w shes yon giving a similar meaning w shes rab = wisdom] [IW]

shes rab - prajna, (-, absolute, sublime) wisdom, intelligence, (-, transcendent, analytical) knowledge, (-, appreciative) discrimination, discriminating awareness, appreciative understanding, SA ye shes kyi rtsal, understand (3 kinds are thos, bsam, bsgoms), (3 kinds are gnas lnga rig pa kun rdzob, gnas lugs rig pa don dam, sems can gyi don bya tshul), 1 of 10 stobs bcu, 1 of bslab pa gsum, appreciative discernment, wisdom that discriminates, sublime knowing, insight [JV]

shes rab - prajna, intelligence, knowledge, discrimination, wisdom. insight, {shag rog} roommate. {shes rab chung ba} those who have limited knowledge. Discrimination, as one of the five object determining mental states, superior knowledge [in most contexts] - superior intelligence, or intelligence [when referring to the 51 mental factors] - wisdom [when taken as synonymous with ye shes]. discriminating wisdom, [prajna]; bden don gtan la 'bebs} rang dang spyi'i mtshan nyid rnam par 'byed pa'o} discriminative awareness. recognition, intelligence, to be aware of, come to understand, to know, to grasp, master, to learn, can, be able to, to realize; discriminating knowledge as one of the {pha drug} the six paramitas. discriminative awareness. insight, [wisdom]. Syn {ye shes} wisdom. superior knowledge [in most contexts]. [RY]

shes rab - critical acumen [in debate] [ggd] [RY]

shes rab - Prajna. Knowledge or intelligence. In particular, the 'knowledge of realizing egolessness.' [RY]

shes rab - the practice of wisdom [RY]

shes rab - sublime knowing/ wisdom; transcendent knowledge [RB]

shes rab - discriminating knowledge [RY]

shes rab - insight, knowledge [thd]