lha min

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asura, demigods, anti-gods, titan demigods perpetually at war with the lha [JV]

demigods. Mipham: lha min ni chu mtshams man chad kyi ri rab kyi khong gseng nas gser gyi sa gzhi'i bar du steng nas mar sgra gcan dkar 'phreng mgul 'phreng thags bzang ris te rgyal po bzhi'i ris su gnas pa'o . The demigods live from the water-line of Mount Sumeru's interior cavities down to its golden base. Listing them from uppermost to nether, they reside in the Abodes of the Four Kings called Rahu, White Garland, Necklace and Splendid Fabric. [RY]

Asuras [IW]

demigods; demigod, asura; Asuras, Titans, a su ra, bcud mi ldan or lha dman pa [RY]