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mind. [RY]

Longchenpa's def: khams gsum pa'i glo bur ba'i dri ma tshogs brgyad sems byung dang bcas pa'o [RY]

mind, 'cognitive act', grasping mind, frame of mind, mind or soul, thought, main mind, cognitive act(s). Syn rnam shes tshogs drug experiencing, potential for experience, general forms of experience, grasping, conceptual mind, attitude, intent; (ordinary) mind; attention; cognition, cognitive act, mind or soul, grasping mind, frame of mind, thought, main mind. Syn rnam shes tshogs drug experiencing, potential for experience, general forms of experience, conceptual mind, attitude, intent. mind, thoughts, thought process, [chitta]; [RY]

citta, (-, body-, finite) mind, minding, thoughts, noetic, responsiveness, mentation, spirituality, attitudinal cognition, cognitive act, mentation, experiencing, potential for experience, general forms of experience, attitude, perceptual readiness, noetic-noematic structure, psychology, soul, spirit, (sometimes abbr. for sems nyid or byang chub sems), "want" particle, primary mind, experiencing process, Instructions on the Mind written by gnyen dpal dbyangs, thought process, ordinary mind, attention, attentive mind, conscious mind, state of mind [JV]

cognitive act [RY]

(ordinary) mind [RB]

1) cognition, awareness, mind, experience, heart; 2) gtso sems [primary mind/ stream of consciousness/ cognitive act; 3) alaya/ consciousness; 4) attitude, intent; 5) grasping [IW]

Mind (sems), see also consciousness: In Buddhist term, the ordinary condition of the mind is characterized by ignorance and delusion. A succession of conscious instants gives it an appearance of continuity. In absolute terms, the mind has three aspects: emptiness, clarity (ability to know all things) and spontaneous compassion. [MR]