Assemblage of the Peaceful and Wrathful Sugatas

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Assemblage of Sugatas (bde gshegs 'dus pa). 'Deshek Düpa.' Important cycle of teachings connected to the Sadhana Section of Mahayoga. The tantras belonging to this cycle are found in Vol. OM of the Nyingma Gyubum as well as in the revelations of Nyang Ral Nyima Oser. These teachings were transmitted by Samantabhadra, manifest in the form of the peaceful Vajrasattva and wrathful Chemchok Heruka. The Lord of Secrets compiled and entrusted them to the dakini Leykyi Wangmo. She concealed these tantras in the stupa Enchanting Mound (bde byed brtsegs pa, Shankara Kuta) and later transmitted them to the Eight Vidyadharas, one teaching to each master: Manjushri Body to Manjushrimitra, Lotus Speech to Nagarjuna, Vishuddha Mind to Hungkara, Nectar Quality to Vimalamitra, Kilaya Activity to Prabhahasti, Liberating Sorcery of Mother Deities to Dhana Sanskrita, Maledictory Fierce Mantra to Shintam Garbha, and Mundane Worship to Guhyachandra. Each of these vidyadharas later transmitted their teachings to Padmasambhava who then became the main holder of all.