Conventional Truth

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kun rdzob - samvrita 1) relative, conventional, superficial, apparent, concealing, conditional, mundane, worldly convention, all-veiled, obscured; relative level, convention. 2) [short for {kun rdzob bden pa}] conventional truth, relative reality [RY]

kun rdzob kyi bden pa - relative/ conventional truth [IW]

kun rdzob kyi bden pa - Relative truth; superficial truth, conventional truth; relative level of truth. The seeming, superficial and deceptive aspect of reality. [defined differently by the different philosophical schools] [RY]

kun rdzob bden pa - conventional truth, superficial truth, conditional or dependent truth, subjective truth, superficial reality [JV]

kun rdzob bden pa - relative/ conventional/ superficial truth; conventional truth apparent reality, deceptive truth; relative truth. one of the {bden pa gnyis}. two truths, superficial truth, truth for a concealer; Relative Truth, [samvrittika satya] [RY]

the three types of conventional truth (kun rdzob gsum):

1) kun rdzob kyi kun rdzob,

2) yang dag pa ma yin pa'i kun rdzob,

3) yang dag pa'i kun rdzob [RY]

worldly (secular) conventional truth - ('jig rten gyi kun rdzob kyi bden pa) [RY]

tha snyad - expressions; designations; sophistry/ jargon; sophistries; 1) metaphor, extended meaning, figure of speech. 2) designation. 3) transactional usage, sophistry, technical term, jargon, terminology, deliberately established terminology, term, name, pointer, word. 4) conception, idea. 5) convention, conventional designation, superficial, designation, conditional, provisional idea or term, sophistry. 6) thoughts. 7) normal practice. 8) appellation, supposition, condition, conventional truth [RY]

tha snyad kyi bden pa - conventional truth; conventional truth. Syn {kun rdzob bden pa} [RY]

tha snyad bden pa - conventional truth, [Syn {kun rdzob bden pa} [RY]

yang dag kun rdzob bden pa - real conventional truth [RY]

log pa'i kun rdzob - false relative [truth]. the wrong relative. false conventional truth, erroneous / fictitious relative truth, def. {snang srid snod bcud blo bkod pa'i chos so cog dang bcad pa yul 'khrul snang blo rdzun pa'i ngo bo la snang ba yin pa'i phyir} [RY]

log pa'i kun rdzob bden pa - wrong relative truth. unreal conventional truth; unreal conventional truth, wrong relative truth [RY]

srid pa'i rim pa gsum - three stages of existence. The objects to be purified in the development stage are defined as the 'three stages of existence' with five aspects of involvement through the way they ripen. That is to say: Since all things, inside or outside, that have substantial existence, are self-existing awareness and emptiness, therefore:

  • 3) the existence of rebirth, as the last stage, involving childhood, youth and maturity, is the non-dual two truths. "

The five aspects of involvement (sometimes referred to as the 'five branches of involvement'). These are:

...and the reborn state of existence, which has three progressive stages, which make up the last three of this five which are:

  • 3) the stage from taking birth to childhood,
  • 4) the stage of youth and prime of life, and
  • 5) the stage from adulthood to old age.

In this way, here are five stages. [RY]