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General Instructions[edit]

  • As this online dictionary of current usage comes up-and-running, there will be plenty of opportunity to add and edit. You're welcome to begin with your personal teacher[s], which you can find here: Tibetan Buddhist Teachers add a name if it is missing.
  • or begin with some of the pages listed on Wanted Pages. For the time being, we focus on the English-based entries, so don't touch the Wylie entries, yet.
  • When a section is unsigned you are free to edit it, with respect for the previous contents. If it has a signature, the leave it as it is. You can enter text under another section. Just use === Section name===
  • Use the Sandbox page for any kinds of experiments with testing out the Mediawiki syntax.
  • It is helpful if you add a summary to the changes (see Summary field above the Save Page button) so others know what changed.
  • Use preview to make sure that things look Ok before saving the page.

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