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suchness, Skt. tattva. Synonym for emptiness or the 'nature of things,' dharmata, it can also be used to describe the unity of dependent origination and Emptiness RY

Suchness RB

Suchness stong pa nyid/ marklessness, extreme of truth'/ Absolute truth/ dharmadhatu/ Emptiness, the markless, complete reality, the absolute, dharmadhatu just as it is, reality, "Thusness", as it is (as 1 of the four non-compounds) [tathata] the simplicity of dharmadhatu IW

Tathata/tathata, suchness, like-this-ness, just-this-ness, just as it is, thusness, actual state of existence, reality, identity, essence, that-ness, pure fact of being, real nature, reality as it is, de (a pointer), bzhin (continuity of what is pointed out), nyid (emphasis, forget about anything else), SA rang bzhin rnam dag gi de bzhin nyid, glo bur bral dag gi de bzhin nyid, dri bcas dang dri med kyi de bzhin nyid, transcendent reality, essential nature itself, essential nature, just like that, just so, just that way, true meaning, true nature, the state of being just as it is, natural condition, the condition as it is, fundamental nature, essential condition JV

Skt. tathata. Suchness, just as it is, reality, thusness, as it is, state of being just as it is. Suchness, as one of the four noncompounds. Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: brjod dang rtog pa las 'das de bzhin nyid/ /ngag gis brjod pa dang yid kyis rtog pa'i yul las 'das pa'i chos nyid ni de bzhin nyid de 'phags pa'i mnyam gzhag rnam par mi rtog pa'i ye shes kho na'i spyod yul lo / de'i ming gi rnam grangs kyang stong pa nyid dang mtshan ma med pa dang/ yang dag pa'i mtha' dang/ don dam pa dang/ chos kyi dbyings Syn de kho na nyid RY