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smin mtshams nas sprul pa'i dge slong a kar ma ti zhes bya bar sprul manifested a monk named Akarmati from between his eyebrows. (RY)

magical creation, emanation, [nirmita]; phantom; divinely emanated artisan; apparitional, magically created appearance, apparition, manifestation, incarnation, emanated, incarnated, rebirth, miraculous, emanating, emanation disciples, incarnate, incarnated, created [magical forms]. (RY)

magical emanation, incarnation; Syn dngos snang, rnam 'phrul, sgyu 'phrul, dngos byon, yang sprul, rol gar, rtsal snang, mi yi gzugs su byon pa. (RY)

[magically apparitional, magic apparition, magically created appearance, manifestation, emanated disciples, incarnated state, phantom, rebirth, miraculous appearance, tulku, nirmanakaya. (IW)

a Nirmanakaya manifestation. (RY)

apparition, emanation, cause illusions, make magic, create phantoms, appear to change, transform one's self, disembodied spirit, bardo ghost, miracle worker, activate apparitions, miraculous creation, incarnate, miraculous, specification, an incarnation, emanation, miraculous emanations [JV]

taken the form of; example - bya'i rgyal po ngang pa zhig tu sprul nas - had taken the form of a swan, the king of birds. (RY)

transformed. Example: sems lhag can yi ge hum du bsdus nas sprul pa la ngang pa bzhir sprul had turned Adhicitta into a syllable HUM and had then transformed himself into four swans. (RY)

emanation. Example: sangs rgyas kyi sprul pa zhig 'byung ngam gsungs - "Does this presage to coming of an emanation of the Buddha?" he asked. (RY)

emanation; phantom. (RB)

incarnation. (RY)

manifestation. Example: gsang bdag gi sprul pa - manifestation of the Lord of Secrets - (Vajrapani). (RY)