Body, Speech and Mind

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kun dga' ra ba - pleasure grove; the place in a temple hall, where the representations of body, speech and mind (sku gsung thugs rten gyi bzhugs sa) are arranged. Syn. lha khri - seat of the gods [RY]

bka' gtad - Entrustment. Short empowerment ritual, usually for receiving the blessings of the body, speech and mind of the deity [RY]

sku gsung thugs kyi rgyud kyi rgyal po - the king of body, speech and mind tantras [RY]

sku gsung thugs kyi rtsa - the nadis of body, speech and mind. {dbu ma, ro ma, rkyang ma} [RY]

sku gsung thugs kyi rtsa ba'i dam tshig gsum - the three basic commitments of body, speech and mind [RY]

sku gsung thugs kyi gsang ba - Mysteries of body, speech and mind. The vajra body, speech and mind [RY]

sku gsung thugs rten - representations of body, speech and mind [RY]

sku gsung thugs rdo rje - the vajra body, speech and mind [RY]

sku gsung thugs mi zad pa rgyan gyi 'khor lo - the ornament-wheel of inexhaustible body, speech and mind [RY]

khyad par gyi dam tshig - the particular samayas. I) {rigs lnga spyi'i dam tshig}, {rtsa ba'i dam tshig}, {yan lag gi dam tshig}, II) 27 when dividing the root samayas of body, speech and mind into nine each, see. {rtsa ba sku gsung thugs kyi dam tshig} [RY]

'khor gsum - 1) threefold. 2) the three spheres [of a an act]. [subject, agent, action, object of the action]. Syn {bya byed las gsum} 3) the three Wheels [of the Dharma]. 4) three weapons [bow & arrow, knife and spear, or bow, arrow, & sword]. 5) [in logic] the three factors. {rtags bsal khyab gsum} 6) the three wheels [of action of body, speech and mind]. 7) three main objects of a man's activity. 1] {don} man's practical activity having material aims. ii] {'dod pa} man's sensual and especially sexual delights. iii] {chos} religion, religious duties. 8) man, cattle, wealth. three focal points; three spheres; threefold sphere [RY]

rgyud - [alt.] being, mind, stream, a) continuity, being b) Tantra. abbr. {rgyud} Mahayoga. 1) tantra, tantra-texts, being [body, speech and mind], stream of being, mind-stream, continuity, continuum, "linked together", area, location, stream of existence, mind, heart, nature, existence. 2) the tantric teachings, texts. 3) via, through [sm. {brgyud}. 4) bank, shore, coast, edge, side, range. 5) lineage, descent. 6) area, location. 6) individual, person 7) bow string {mdo rgyud} sutra and tantra]. 8) continuum [or continua], tantra, string, cord. mind-stream; tantra/ continuum; mind-stream [RY]

sgo gsum - three doors. The subtle three doors are the nadis, pranas and bindus. The gross three doors are body, speech and mind. [RY]