'dul ba

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subdue, tame. (RY)

3) adj disciplined, tamed (as in animals); gentle; broke/broken, gentled, softened, peaceful, subdued, muted, moderated, tempered, toned down; mastered, gentled, domesticated. (RY)

2) vb 'dul ba, btul ba, gdul ba, thul trans. v.; a) to annihilate, overcome, break in, subdue, conquer, kill, vanquish 2) convert, improve, cultivate, cure, influence, direct, discipline, moderate, soften soil, surmount, tame, tone down, teach, temper, loosen or break up the soil, apply methods of culturing to, till, train, train. (RY)

1) n Vinaya. monastic discipline. 'Discipline.' One of the three parts of the Tripitaka. The Buddha's teachings showing ethics, the discipline and moral conduct that is the foundation for all Dharma practice, both for lay and ordained people. disciplines; monastic rules, taming, influencing, conversion, cultivation; monastic discipline, monastic ordinances; monastic/ ethical codes; restraint; Buddhist monastic discipline. (RY)

x 'khor g.yog 'dul ba to direct the entourage and servants. (RY)

taming, vinaya [making bad to good. breaking a wild horse..subdue an enemy. calm another, conquer one's own harshness, cultivate, kill - (Vinaya): the five classes of downfall, their causes, rising up from those downfalls, renouncing them, vows of the precepts on which one relies, individuals actually vowing the precepts, their divisions, distinguishing downfalls and being without them, teaching those 8 is called vinaya. vinaya, disciplines, taming, conversion, break in, subdue, conquer, vanquish, kill, annihilate, till, cultivate. (IW)

taming, subduing, conquering vinaya. (IW)

to guide/ tame/ control; tamed (as in animals); monastic/ ethical codes; restraint. (RB)

trained, well-disciplined. (RY)

vinaya, subdue, overcome, surmount, disciplinary code, conquer, vanquish, annihilate, till, cultivate, tame, bring under right discipline, conversion, educational procedure, quell, monastic discipline, monastic ordinances. (JV)