'jigs med rgyal ba'i myu gu

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Jigme Gyalwe Nyuku


The Great Bodhisattva Jigme Gyalwe Nyuku

root guru of dpal sprul rin po che. (JV)

Jigme Gyalwey Nyugu. (IW)

Jigmey Gyalwey Nyugu (root guru of Paltrul Rinpoche). chief disciple of 'jigs med gling pa. (RY)

Jigmey Gyalwey Nyugu, one of Jigmey Lingpa's four main disciples. (RY)

Shory Biography

Fearless Son of the Victorious Ones (Buddhas)-- Born 1765

Jigme Gyalwe Nyuku was a great meditator, bodhisattva and adept. Born in 1765 In the Dzachuka valley, he experienced unbearable urges as a child to go to a solitary place and devote himself to meditation. As a youth he made a pilgrimage to Samye and other holy places and received instructions on Dzogchen, but his family obliged him to join his elder brother on business trips.

During these he was overcome with revulsion for the lying and cursing practiced by laypeople. When his brother died at age 18 this more than any other single event, turned his mind resolutely to Dharma, but relatives put great pressure on him to marry and take care of the family. He was forced to run away from home and traveled to Central Tibet with a like-minded friend. At Samye they met with the first Dodrupchen who advised them to see Jigme Lingpa. When they reached Tsering Jong and beheld Jigme Lingpa, Jigme Gyalwe Nyuku experienced incredible joy. They received empowerments, transmissions and detailed instructions on Dzogchen.

In carrying out Jigme Lingpa’s instructions to visit the sacred mountain of Tsari and to meditate there, Gyalwe Nyuku suffered extreme hardships, but was sustained by the remembrance of his root teacher. During a six-month retreat he realised the ultimate nature of mind through the blessing of the lama and the accomplishment of the yidam.

After several more retreats in east Tibet he returned to Tsering Jong and experienced once more the great joy of seeing the omniscient Jigme Lingpa, who invited him to stay for three years. He explained frankly that he had to go back home because of obligations. He returned to Kham and did many years retreat around Dzogchen Monastery and in Dzachuka and had many extraordinary experiences. As advised by Jigme Lingpa, he devoted the entire latter part of his life to teaching whoever came to listen, giving empowerments or meditation instructions to all who were devout and sincere. During this period, he gave Patrul Rinpoche teachings on the Ngöndro of Longchen Nyingthig 25 times as well as the teachings on Tsalung and Dzogchen.

Compassionate manifestation of the supreme Lord of the world (Chenrizeg)

The Great Captain, who transports beings to the Island of liberation,

Whoever encounters you, their life becomes meaningful, the Yogi of the vast expanse,

Jigmed Gyalwa Nyugu, to you I pray.

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