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thugs rdo rje - cittavajra, situational being.

vajra mind; [expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 37] [RY]

mind vajra, Vajra Mind [RY]

vajra mind sangs rgyas kyi (18 distinct doctrines of the buddhas) thugs (citta) [IW]

vajra mind [IW]

mind vajra [RB]

The triad of:

srid pa: conditioned existence/ state(s) of being; becoming; (to take) ordinary existence/ being (one of twelve links of interdependent connection) [RB]

possible; mi srid - is not a possibility [RY]

becoming, as one of the twelve links. 1) to be possible, may be, becoming, coming into existence, possibility of existence, is made possible, what is possible, what can be. 2) cyclic existence, projective existence, fictitious being, samsaric existence [dependent-related]. one of the {chu bo bzhi} four currents and tenth of the {rten cing 'brel bar 'byang ba'i yan lag bcu gnyis} 12 links of dependent origination. 3) life, being [in a general sense]. 4) realm. 5) the world. 6) procreation; coming into being (samsaric existence; conditioned existence; becoming (as one of twelve links); cosmic; Def. Jamgön Kongtrül: {yang srid mngon par 'grub par byed pa'i las stobs dang ldan pa de}. domain/ realms/ the universe; existence, (Syn. Samsara); rebirth. becoming, existence, life, the world, possible, existence [as in {rten 'brel} 12]. to be possible, may be, the wheel of existence; Drive toward existence [RY]

bhava, life, existence, world, world spheres, transmigratory existence, possible life-forms, fictitious being, living beings, period of existence, possibilities, existential phenomena (birth, death, intermediate state), probably, possibly, things existing, may be, to be, that which is going to be, to grow, feasible, transitory or worldly existence, conditioned existence, it might be, samsara [JV]

skye ba: 1) birth, generation, arising, production, origin. 2) arising, origination, as one of the fourteen non-concurrent formations {ldan min 'du byed}. 3) rebirth, birth, life, lifetime, manner of birth. 4) rebirth as one of the twelve links {rten brel bcu gnyis}. II) {skye ba, skyes pa, skye ba} intr. v.; 1) to be born, be reborn, originate, arise, come into play, dawn, happen, take place, grow, come into existence, come into being, be produced, become, begin to exist, grow, bud, germinate, sprout, come out newly. 2) give birth to, give rise to, bear, be pregnant, be with young. 3) to feel, think. 4) to progress, increase. Def. among the {rten brel bcu gnyis} by Jamgön Kongtrül: {skye ba'i yan lag mngon gyur gyi dbang du byas nas/ mngal du nying mtshams sbyor bzhin pa ni skye ba yin}, {nang gi 'du byed kyi rgyun yod pa skye ba dang skye badon gzhan bsal nas sngar ma byung ba las gsar du byung ba'i cha'o} [RY]

rga: rga ba - {rga ba, rgas pa, rga ba} intr. v.; vi. to get old, age, wear down, grow old; become weak, lose health, decay, grow old, old age, to age / aging, to be old, aged, to become old [only about living creatures]. Aging, as one of the fourteen non-concurrent formations, Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {rgyun de nyid skye srid nas 'chi srid kyi bar du byis pa dang gzhon nu dang lang tsho dang dar bab dang rgas 'khogs zhes pa sogs snga phyi'i gnas skabs gzhan dang gzhan du 'gyur ba'i cha'o} [RY] age [JV]

aging, p. rgas. See rga ba [RY]

p rgas get old, ag[e][ing], wear down, become weak, lose health [IW]