Good Aeon

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good kalpa, golden age [IW]

Paltrul Rinpoche: bskal pa 'di ma chags pa'i sngon rol du stong gsum thams cad chu'i rgya mtsho chen po gcig tu gyur te yod pa la me tog pad ma 'dab ma stong ldan stong skyes nas 'dug pa gtsang ris kyi lha rnams kyis rgyu mtshan ci yin zhes mngon shes kyis brtags pas da res kyi bskal pa 'di la sangs rgyas stong 'byon par de'i don gyis yin par shes te da res kyi bskal pa 'di ni bskal pa bzang po yin no zhes bskal pa'i ming bzang po btags pa bzhin - Before our kalpa arose, this cosmos of a billion universes was an immense ocean on whose surface appeared a thousand-petaled lotuses. The gods of the Brahma-world, wondering how this could be, through clairvoyance understood it to signify that during this kalpa one thousand Buddhas would appear. "This will be a good kalpa", they said, and "Good" became its name [RY]

good kalpa [Auspicious/fortunate/ kalpa, bhadrakalpa, [our present world period blessed by the appearance of a buddha, a golden age [that has 1000 buddhas], the kalpa of light sgron me'i bskal pa, happy times] [IW]

bhadrakalpa; 1) Auspicious Aeon. 2) Bhadrakalpa. 3) fortunate aeon. 4) the good aeon. 5) our present world period. 6) a Golden Age. Syn sgron me'i bskal pa. 7) happy times. 8) blessed period. [i.e. the period blessed by the appearance of a Buddha] [RY]

Good Aeon, Skt. bhadrakalpa). This present aeon in which one thousand buddhas will appear, lasting no less than 160 million years [RY]

good kalpa [IW]