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skye mched kyi lha - ayatana-deities. Concerning the ayatana-deities, the Sarma tradition says: In the eyes is the lady of Vajra Dullness; in the ears is the lady of Vajra Anger, in the nose is the lady of Vajra Greed; in the mouth is the lady of Vajra Passion; in the body is the lady of Vajra Envy, in the mind is the Non-Ego Yogini. And, at the crown of the head is the lady of Vajra Body, at the throat is the lady of Vajra Speech, and at the heart is the lady of Vajra Mind. According to the Nyingma tradition, in the eyes Kshitigarbha; in the ears is Vajrapani; in the nose is Akashagarbha; on the tongue is Avalokiteshvara; in the body is the four wrathful [gate-keepers]; and in the five places you visualize the five families. [RY]

rdo rje 'chang - Vajradhara. 'Vajra-holder.' The dharmakaya buddha of the Sarma Schools. Can also refer to one's personal teacher of Vajrayana or to the all-embracing buddha nature [RY]

rdo rje phag mo - Vajra Varahi. A sambhogakaya manifestation of the female buddha Samantabhadri. She is also one of the chief yidam deities of the Sarma Schools, as well as a wisdom dakini [RY]

spyod pa - {spyod pa, spyad pa, spyad pa, spyod} trans. v.; 1) to engage in; enjoy; behave, carry out, conduct oneself; practice, act, enact, participate in, engage in, be involved with; to use; treat, deal with, to use, employ, apply, utilize; experience, undergo, enjoy, partake of; do, enjoy, experience, accomplish, perform, commit, 2) Skt Charya; conduct, behavior, action, activity, course, deeds,. 3) a practitioner; 4) application, practice, 5) lifestyle, 6) Syn {spyod pa'i rgyud} Charya. The second of the four sections of tantras according to the Sarma schools [RY]

phyag rgya chen po - Mahamudra. Literally, the 'great seal,' the most direct practice for realizing one's buddha nature. A system of teachings which is the basic view of Vajrayana practice according to the Sarma or 'new' schools of Kagyü, Gelug, and Sakya [RY]

phyi 'gyur - Later Translation Schools. Same as Sarma, the New Schools [RY]

gsar rnying - New and Old Schools, the Sarma and Nyingma Schools [RY]

gsar snying - Sarma and Nyingma, new and old schools rspv. [RY]

gsar ma - Sarma Schools. 'New Schools.' The New Schools are Kagyü, Sakya, and Gelug as well as Shijey and Chö, Jordruk, Shangpa Kagyü, and Nyendrub (the Kalachakra system) [RY]

gsar ma pa - Sarmapa, the New Tantra schools, the Newer Schools; new tradition [RY]

gsar ma pa - follower of a new school of buddhism in tibet, Sarmapa, new tantra schools, newer schools [JV]

lha gnas gsum - [TRS 138-2] acc. to Nyingma / Sarma; Three Divine Realms. The pure abodes, the ordinary form realms and the realms of the six species of Kama divinities. 1) {'og min}. 2) {dga' ldan} 3) {sum cu rtsa gsum} [RY]