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gter ma
Hidden Treasures

  • Termas are very often discovered in the form of a yellow scroll (shog ser) on which are written a few syllables in symbolic dakini script (mkha' 'gro brda yig). These letters can only be deciphered by the tertön to whom the legacy of the spiritual treasure belongs, and are unintelligible to anyone else. [MRKT-ShabkarNotes]
  • Terma, Hidden Treasure; hidden treasure (teaching); concealed and rediscovered treasure, teachings which have been concealed and rediscovered. revealed treasures, spiritual treasures, revealed spiritual treasures. (RY)
  • Treasure (GD)
  • Cache, (buried, discovered, dharma) treasure, (buried, concealed) books, teachings, articles, scripture, see also: sa gter (earth treasure) and dgongs gter (mind treasure), hidden teachings, discovered dharma treasures, hidden scriptures, hidden treasures, rediscovered treasures. (JV)
  • hidden treasure (teaching). (RB)
  • terma, concealed and rediscovered treasure/ teachings, hidden teachings. (IW)
  • Terma. 'Treasure'. 1) The transmission through concealed treasures hidden, mainly by Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal, to be discovered at the proper time by a 'terton,' a treasure revealer, for the benefit of future disciples and followers of Dharma. It is one of the two chief traditions of the Nyingma School, the other being 'Kama'. This tradition is said to continue even long after the Vinaya of the Buddha has disappeared. 2) Concealed treasures of many different kinds, including texts, ritual objects, relics, and natural objects. (RY)
  • The Dharma-language (chos skad) term "Terma (gter ma)", comes from the root "ter (gter)" which is a collection of anything, so 'Terma' is simply treasure; treasure trove; cache; store; deposit and so on, but being specifically a buddist term it actually means: hidden, concealed, or discovered, revealed dharma / buddhist teachings. [BL]
  • treasure revelations, treasure teachings, revealed treasures, revealed teachings, hidden treasures, spiritual treasures. Erick Tsiknopoulos


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