108 Instructions of the Jonangpa

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"108 Quintessential Instructions, a text of quintessential instructions, known more properly as The 108 Instructions of the Jonang (Jo nang khrid brgya) is a remarkable collection of brief instructions on each of the exceptional Buddhist teachings that appeared in India and were received in Tibet. The collection was put together by the polymath Kunga Drolchok and then later completed by the successor in his incarnation lineage, Jetsun Tāranātha (1575-1634). Besides the main set of instructions for each practice lineage, there are numerous texts associated with the collection that include short histories of each of the 108 instruction lineages, supplications, and supplementary practice materials."
"Historically, the precepts and explanations for these instruction lineages converged in Tibet and Kunga Drolchok then compiled them into this essential volume. Since then, each of these quintessential instructions has been transmitted through the Jonang tradition, and these remain a major source of meditation practice instructions among the contemporary Jonangpa. It was considered so important that it was included by Jamgon Kongtrul in the last volume of his Treasury of Guidance Instructions (Gdams ngag mdzod), and it has even been suggested that The 108 Instructions of the Jonang was the inspiration for Kongtrul's compilation. In fact, the text remains a prototype for Rimè-style scholasticism."[1]

A famous set of teachings, compiled and composed by Jetsun Kunga Drolchog (1507-1566), and then completed by his lineage successor Jonang Taranatha, who was Kunga Drolchog's incarnation. It can be found in Vol. 18 of Jamgon Kongtrul's Dam Ngag Dzo.

01) Instruction on parting the four kinds of attachment - (zhen pa bzhi bral)
02) Instruction on seven points of training the mind - (blo sbyong don bdun ma)
03) Instruction on the essence of interdependence - (rten 'brel snying po)
04) Instruction on utilizing pain and pleasure as the path - (skyid sdug lam khyer)
05) Instruction on training the mind - (sum pa'i blo sbyong)
06) Instruction on severing fear according to Machik Labdron - (ma gcig lab sgron gi gcod)
07) Instruction on the essential three points - (snying po don gsum)
08) Instruction on resting the mind at ease - (sems nyid ngal gso)
09) Instruction on the three types of person - (skyes bu gsum)
10) Instruction on a gradual approach to the teachings - (bstan rim)
11) Instruction on equalizing samsara and nirvana - (srid zhi mnyam nyid)
12) Instruction on the great Madhyamaka - (dbu ma chen po)
13) Instruction on the secret guidance of the Kadam - (bka' gdams lkog khrid)
14) Instruction of the Muni - (thub pa'i khrid)
15) Instruction on Achala practice - (mi g.yo ba)
16) Instruction on Avalokitesvara practice - (spyan ras gzigs)
17) Instruction on Tara practice - (sgrol ma)
18) Instruction on the maxims of the Kadampa master Potowa - see also Potowa - (po to ba'i dpe chos)
19) Instruction on the Sixteen Seminal Spheres - (thig le bcu drug)
20) Instruction on the Prajnaparamita - (sher phyin bka' babs)
21) Instruction on the five paths of pacification - (zhi byed lam lnga)
22) Instruction on the progressive stages of meditation - (sgom rim thog mtha' bar gsum)
23) Instruction on the five treatises of Maitreya -see also Maitreya - (byams chos lnga)
24) Instruction on the view of Rangtong - (rang stong lta khrid)
25) Instruction on the view of Shentong - (gzhan stong lta khrid)
26) Instruction on the concealed meaning - (sbas don)
27) Instruction on enhancing life - (tshe khrid)
28) Instruction on white Tara practice - (sgrol dkar)
29) Instruction on white Amitayus practice - (tshe dpag med dkar po)
30) Instruction according to the Tshembu tradition - (dmar khrid tshem bu lugs)
31) Instruction according to the Palmo tradition - (dmar khrid dpal mo lugs)
32) Instruction according to the Zagyal tradition - (dmar khrid zla rgyal lugs)
33) Instruction according to the Khyer Gangpa tradition - (dmar khrid skyer sgang pa'i lugs)
34) Instructions on Cakrasamvara practice - (bde mchog dmar khrid)
35) Instruction on Hevajra practice - (kye rdo rje'i dmar khrid)
36) Instruction on Vajrapani practice - (phyag rdor 'khor chen)
37) Instruction on the yoga of inner heat - (gtum mo)
38) Instruction on Varahi practice - (phag mo kur ma pa da)
39) Instruction on Kurukulle practice - (ku ru kul le)
40) Instruction according to the whispered lineage of the Kalachakra - (dus 'khor snyan brgyud)
41) Instruction on the approach and accomplishment practices from the Tibetan master Orgyan Rinchen Pal - (o rgyan bsnyen sgrub)
42) Instruction on taking the result as the path - (lam 'bras)
43) Instruction on the inconceivable - (bsam mi khyab)
44) Instruction on the nine ways of profundity - (zab pa'i tshul dgu)
45) Instruction on the practice of spontaneous accomplishment - (lhan cig skyes grub)
46) Instruction on the completion of the inner heat process - (gtum mo lam rdzogs)
47) Instruction on alignment - (yon po bsrang ba)
48) Instruction on mudra practice - (phyag rgya lam khrid)
49) Instruction on mahamudra without symbols - (phyag rgya chen po yi ge med pa)
50) Instruction on practicing in the proximity of a stupa - (mchod rten drung thob)
51) Instruction on synthesizing sutra and tantra - (mdo rgyud bsre ba)
52) Instruction on expelling the obstacle of external spirits - (phyi rol gdon gyi bar chad sel ba)
53) Instruction on removing the hindrances of bodily agitations - ('byung ba lus 'khrugs kyi bar chad sel ba)
54) Instruction on removing the hindrances for samadhi - (ting nge 'dzin gyi bar chad sel ba)
55) Instruction on removing the three kinds of suffering - (sdug bsngal gsum sel)
56) Instruction on recollecting the natural state - (gnyug ma dran gsal)
57) Instruction on the three purities - (dag pa gsum)
58) Instruction on self-consecration - (rang byin rlabs)
59) Instruction on the hidden path - (lam sbas bshad)
60) Instruction on clarifying symbolic significance - (brda' don gsal ba)
61) Instruction on the five stages of Guhyasamaja - (gsang 'dus rim lnga)
62) Instruction on Muktitlakanama treatise of association with the Guhyasamaja - (grol ba'i thig le)
63) Instruction on non-proliferation - (spros med)
64) Instruction on the four stage yoga - (rnal 'byor bzhi rim)
65) Instruction on Bhairava practice - ('jigs byed)
66) Instruction on mobilizing masculine forces in the central channel - (yab la brten rtsa dbu ma)
67) Instruction on mobilizing feminine forces in the central channel - (yum gyi rtsa dbu ma)
68) Instruction from the tradition of Gantapada - (dril bu rim lnga)
69) Instruction on the four stages of the black Mahakala deity practice - (nag po rim bzhi)
70) Instruction on white Cakrasamvara practice - (bde mchog dkar po)
71) Instruction on Catuhpitha practice - (gdan bzhi)
72) Instruction on Mahamaya practice - (ma ha ma ya)
73) Instruction on the practice of Cakrasamvara with a donkey face - (bde mchog bong zhal can)
74) Instruction on the six practices of Varahi - (phag mo'i sgom drug)
75) Instruction on the Six Doctrines of Naropa - (na ro chos drug)
76) Instruction on the Six Doctrines of Niguma - (ni gu'i chos drug)
77) Instruction on the Ga'uma tradition of Mahamudra - (phyag rgya chen po ga'u ma)
78) Instruction on taking up the path - (lam 'khyer)
79) Instruction on the deathless mind - (sems 'chi med)
80) Instruction on the Six Doctrines of Sukhasiddhi - (su kha chos drug)
81) Instruction of lady Dakmema - (bdag med ma'i nang khrid)
82) Instruction on the yoga of spontaneity - (lhan cig skyes sbyor)
83) Instruction on the fivefold Mahamudra - (phyag chen lnga ldan)
84) Instruction on the four symbols of Mahamudra - (phyag rgya chen po yi ge bzhi pa)
85) Instruction on the introduction of the three enlightened dimensions - (sku gsum ngo sprod)
86) Instruction on the inseparability of the mind and the vital winds - (rlung sems gnyis med)
87) Instruction on the practice of Sekarma - (sras mkhar ma)
88) Instruction on transferring consciousness according to the Ngok tradition - (rngog pa'i bsre 'pho)
89) Instruction on the four pinnacle statements - (snyan gyi shog dril bzhi)
90) Instruction on the Six Yogas of the Kalachakra - (sbyor drug)
91) Instruction on the six practices associated with the centers of the upper body - (snyan brgyud steng sgo chos drug)
92) Instruction on the nine cycles of teachings associated with the disembodied dakinis - (lus med mkha' 'gro'i chos skor dgu)
93) Instruction on the vast and profound according to Zhang - (zhang gi zab rgya)
94) Instruction on the Six Yogas of Dra Lotsawa - (dpal chen rgwa lo'i sbyor drug)
95) Instruction on the cycle of Mahamudra by Phakmo Drupa Dorje Gyalpo - (phag gru phyag chen thel skor)
96) Instruction on the Single Intent - (dgongs gcig)
97) Instruction on the Six Doctrines of Tak Lungpa Tashi Pal - (stag lung pa'i chos drug)
98) Instruction on the single experience of omens associated with guru sadhana - (bla sgrub rten 'brel ro snyoms)
99) Instruction on five aspects according to Lorepa - (lo ras thub pa lnga ldan)
100) Instruction on the six essential practices for mountain retreat - (ri chos snying po ma drug)
101) Instruction on the propitiation of the protector Kurakma - (mgon po sku rags ma)
102) Instruction on the propitiation of the protector Gurgon - (dpal gur gyi mgon po'i nang khrid)
103) Instruction on the three cycles of spontaneous poetry - (do ha skor gsum)
104) Instructions on the Six Doctrines of a siddha - (grub thob chos drug)
105) Instruction on the progressive path according to Padmasambhava - (pad ma lam rim)
106) Instruction according to the edict of a king - (rgyal po bka' 'bum)
107) Instruction on the jewel that liberates upon being seen - (nor bu mthong grol)
108) Instruction on the mind as a wish-fulfilling jewel - (sems khrid yid bzhin nor bu)

The 18th volume of the Shechen monastery edition "gdams ngag mdzod" contains 15 texts. Of these it is the 9th, entitled "zab khrid brgya dang brgyad kyi yi ge", that actually has the 108 instructions. Here is an index with page and line numbers for each of these:

gdams ngag mdzod, Shechen edition, vol. 18, text no. 9

Title: zab khrid brgya dang brgyad kyi yi ge

1. page 128, line 1 zhen pa bzhi bral gyi khrid
2. page 130, line 1 blo sbyong don bdun ma'i khrid
3. page 134, line 7 rten 'brel snying po'i khrid
4. page 135, line 7 skyid sdug lam 'khyer gyi khrid
5. page 137, line 5 sum pa'i blo sbyong gi khrid
6. page 138, line 3 ma gcig gi gcod kyi khrid
7. page 140, line 3 snying po don gsum gyi khrid
8. page 141, line 3 sems nyid ngal gso'i khrid
9. page 142, line 4 skyes bu gsum gyi khrid
10. page 144, line 3 bstan rim gyi khrid
11. page 145, line 6 srid zhi mnyam nyid kyi khrid
12. page 147, line 2 dbu ma chen po'i khrid
13. page 148, line 3 bka' gdams lkog khrid kyi khrid
14. page 149, line 4 thub pa'i khrid
15. page 150, line 3 mi g.yo ba'i khrid
16. page 152, line 1 spyan ras gzigs kyi khrid
17. page 153, line 6 sgrol ma'i khrid
18. page 155, line 5 po to ba'i dpe chos kyi khrid
19. page 159, line 2 thig le bcu drug gi khrid
20. page 161, line 3 shes phyin bka' babs khrid
21. page 162, line 3 zhi byed lam lnga'i khrid
22. page 166, line 3 sgom rim thog mtha' bar gsum gyi khrid
23. page 167, line 7 byams chos lnga'ikhrid
24. page 170, line 1 rang stong gi lta khrid
25. page 170, line 5 gzhan stong gi lta khrid
26. page 171, line 6 sbas don gyi khrid
27. page 181, line 1 tshe khrid
28. page 183, line 1 sgrol dkar gyi khrid
29. page 184, line 4 tshe dpag med dkar po'i khrid
30. page 186, line 2 dmar khrid tshem bu lugs kyi khrid
31. page 188, line 2 dmar khrid dpal mo lugs kyi khrid
32. page 189, line 1 dmar khrid zla rgyal lugs kyi khrid
33. page 189, line 6 dmar khrid skyer sgang pa'i lugs kyi khrid
34. page 190, line 5 bde mchog gi dmar khrid
35. page 191, line 6 kye rdo rje'i dmar khrid
36. page 193, line 1 phyag rdor 'khor chen khrid
37. page 194, line 7 gtum po'i khrid
38. page 197, line 2 phag mo kurma pa da'i khrid
39. page 198, line 2 ku ru kulle'i khrid
40. page 199, line 2 dus 'khor snyan brgyud kyi khrid
41. page 202, line 5 o rgyan bsnyen sgrub kyi khrid
42. page 205, line 6 lam 'bras kyi khrid
43. page 216, line 1 bsam mi khyab pa'i khrid
44. page 217, line 7 zab pa'i tshul dgu'i khrid
45. page 221, line 4 lhan cig skyes grub kyi khrid
46. page 223, line 1 gtum mo lam rdzogs kyi khrid
47. page 224, line 3 yon po bsrang ba'i khrid
48. page 225, line 2 phyag rgya'i lam gyi khrid
49. page 228, line 1 phyag rgya chen po'i yi ge med pa'i khrid
50. page 229, line 6 mchod rten drung thob kyi khrid
51. page 230, line 4 mdo rgyud bsre ba'i khrid
52. page 231, line 6 phyi rol gdon gyi bar chad sel ba'i khrid
53. page 232, line 2 'byung ba lus 'khrugs kyi bar chad sel ba'i khrid
54. page 232, line 5 ting nge 'dzin sems kyi bar chad sel ba'i khrid
55. page 233, line 2 sdug bsngal gsum sel gyi khrid
56. page 234, line 2 gnyug ma dran gsal gyi khrid
57. page 235, line 7 dag pa gsum gyi khrid
58. page 238, line 2 rang byin rlabs kyi khrid
59. page 241, line 5 lam sbas bshad kyi khrid
60. page 243, line 4 brda' don gsal ba'i khrid
61. page 245, line 1 gsang 'dus rim lnga'i khrid
62. page 250, line 7 grol ba'i thig le'i khrid
63. page 253, line 7 spros med kyi khrid
64. page 258, line 1 rnal 'byor bzhi rim gyi khrid
65. page 259, line 5 'jigs byed kyi khrid
66. page 261, line 7 yab la brten pa'i rtsa dbu ma'i khrid
67. page 263, line 3 yum gyi rtsa dbu ma'i khrid
68. page 265, line 2 dril bu rim lnga'i khrid
69. page 266, line 7 nag po rim bzhi'i khrid
70. page 268, line 3 bde mchog dkar po'i khrid
71. page 269, line 3 gdan bzhi'i khrid
72. page 271, line 7 ma ha ma ya'i khrid
73. page 274, line 7 bde mchog bong zhal can gyi khrid
74. page 278, line 7 phag mo'i sgom drug gi khrid
75. page 279, line 7 na ro chos drug gi khrid
76. page 283, line 2 ni gu chos drug gi khrid
77. page 288, line 5 phyag rgya chen po ga'u ma'i khrid
78. page 289, line 5 lam 'khyer gyi khrid
79. page 290, line 3 sems 'chi med kyi khrid
80. page 291, line 5 su kha chos drug gi khrid
81. page 292, line 5 bdag med ma'i nang khrid
82. page 293, line 6 lhan cig skyes sbyor gyi khrid
83. page 298, line 2 phyag chen lnga ldan gyi khrid
84. page 298, line 6 phyag rgya chen po yi ge bzhi pa'i khrid
85. page 299, line 6 sku gsum ngo sprod kyi khrid
86. page 301, line 2 rlung sems gnyis med kyi khrid
87. page 301, line 7 sras mkhar ma'i khrid
88. page 303, line 5 rngog pa'i bsre 'pho'i khrid
89. page 304, line 6 snyan gyi shog dril bzhi'i khrid
90. page 306, line 3 sbyor drug gi khrid
91. page 315, line 6 snyan brgyud kyi khrid
92. page 318, line 2 lus med mkha' 'gro'i chos skor dgu'i khrid
93. page 324, line 2 zhang gi zab rgya'i khrid
94. page 325, line 4 dpal chen rgwa lo'i sbyor drug gi khrid
95. page 328, line 1 phag gru'i thel skor gyi khrid
96. page 332, line 2 dgongs gcig gi khrid
97. page 334, line 3 stag lung pa'i chos drug gi khrid
98. page 335, line 2 bla sgrub rten 'brel ro snyoms kyi khrid
99. page 338, line 1 lo ras thub pa lnga ldan gyi khrid
100. page 339, line 1 ri chos kyi khrid
101. page 342, line 1 mgon po sku rags ma'i khrid
102. page 343, line 5 dpal gur gyi mgon po'i nang khrid
103. page 344, line 7 do ha skor gsum gyi khrid
104. page 345, line 5 grub thob chos drug gi khrid
105. page 347, line 4 padma lam rim gyi khrid
106. page 349, line 5 rgyal po bka' 'bum gyi khrid
107. page 351, line 1 nor bu mthong grol gyi khrid
108. page 352, line 4 sems khrid yid bzhin nor bu'i khrid