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Definition through use and context:

klong gsal - clarity expanse, luminous space, Tantra of the Brilliant Expanse, Clear Space text, Clarity of the Universe [JV]

klong gsal mkha' 'gro - Dakinis of the Clarity of the Universe [JV]

gsal stong rlung gi rnal 'byor rgya - The Yoga of Prana for Clarity and Emptiness (in volume one of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu's klong gsal teachings) [JV]

gsal lo - Clarity! [RY]

ka dag gting gsal chos kyi sku - 1) primordially pure dharmakaya of basic clarity. 2) dharmakaya, the fundamentally luminous primordial purity [RY]

kun gsal - total clarity/ lucidity/ illumination [RB]

kun gsal - total clarity, all-illuminating, sky, that is fully clear, illuminated, sun, all-clearer, to light up [JV]

kun gsal - that which is fully clear. poet. a) sky. b) sun. c) mirror. total clarity, all- illuminating, brilliant, "that which is fully dear." 1) the sky. 2) a mirror. 3) son [RY]

klong chen 'od gsal - luminous clarity of the universe [JV]

klong gsal - clarity expanse, luminous space, Tantra of the Brilliant Expanse, Clear Space text, Clarity of the Universe [JV]

klong gsal dgongs mdzod - treasure of the clarity expanse [JV]

bkra gsal le - with vivid clarity [RY]

sku gsum - Three Kayas. Dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya. The three kayas as ground are 'essence, nature, and capacity'; as path they are 'bliss, clarity and nonthought,' and as fruition they are the 'three kayas of buddhahood.' The three kayas of buddhahood are the dharmakaya, which is free from elaborate constructs and endowed with the 'twenty-one sets of enlightened qualities;' the sambhogakaya, which is of the nature of light and endowed with the perfect major and minor marks perceptible only to bodhisattvas; and the nirmanakaya, which manifests in forms perceptible to both pure and impure beings [RY]

khams rmya ba - be tired, run down, feel ill/ mind's clarity impaired [IW]

khong gsal - inner light or clarity [JV]

ngang dvangs - inherent limpidness; ginnately unsullied/ limpid; isc. innate lucidity/ clarity [RB]

ngo bo - 1) essence, nature, character, attribute, identity, entity, intrinsic/ central/ essential nature, vital substance, core, being, inmost nature, vitalement, synthesis; 2) principle, existence, facticity, fact, faculty; 3) entity, fact of being, concerns, identity sm {dngos po}; 4) 1 of trio of the essence, natural expression and spirituality according to the great perfection, the essence [gd-mk]; 5) definition, main principle (6) similar to rang bzhin but when referring to sugatagarbha, ngo bo refers to the emptiness part whereas {rang bzhin} refers to the luminousity or clarity part (7) what it comes down to, at bottom, in fact, entity, identity of things, the buddha-body of reality book 1 [gd-mk] essential meaning [in textual introduction] [me gyi ngo bo - heat; me gyi rang bzhin - burning quality, the rang bzhin of dharmakaya is sambhogakaya] [IW]

mngon - see, envision, observe, be[come] visible/ evident, show, manifest, display, expose, reveal, appear, apparent, manifestation, show, demonstrate, aspect of clarity/ manifestation in perception, before 1, directly present [IW]

ci yang sa le - {ci yang sa le gzigs pa} - "you who see everything with perfect clarity". (RY)

cir yang gsal - total clarity [JV]

chos sku gzhi'i 'od gsal - the Dharmakaya ground luminous clarity. Syn {gzhi gnas ma'i 'od gsal}, The ground-luminosity of dharmakaya, luminescent ground of the dharmakaya [RY]

chos dbyings 'od gsal stong pa - an all-encompassing void with luminous clarity [RY]

'jig rten pa'i bsam gtan - Mundane dhyana. A meditation state characterized by attachment, especially to bliss, clarity and nonthought, and lacking insight into the emptiness of a self-entity [RY]

nyams gsum - the three meditation experiences (of bliss, clarity, and no thought) [RY]

gting gsal - profound depth of clarity; gting nas gsal ba [RY]

gting gsal - profound clarity, profound depth of clarity [JV]

gting gsal chen po - the great basic clarity; the great depth of lucidity, the great basic clarity, brilliance [RY]

stong gsal - empty cognizance, empty luminosity, empty and cognizant, emptiness and cognizance, emptiness & clarity, empty yet lucid, empty and aware [JV]

stong gsal - emptiness and luminosity, empty brightness / clarity [RY]

stong gsal ka dag - original purity of emptiness & clarity [JV]

stong gsal dbyings - dimension of emptiness and clarity [JV]

stong gsal rang dangs - natural clarity of empty luminosity [RY]

stong gsal rang gdangs - natural clarity of empty luminosity [JV]

dag gsal gnyen po gsum - purity, clarity and remedy [RY]

dangs pa nyid - purity, clarity [IW]

dvangs - limpid clarity/ limpidity/ pristine(ness); isc. (discerning) clarity/ clear; isc. subtle (in compounds) [RB]

dwangs cha - clarity, brightness, purity [RY]

dwangs ba - essence, clarity, brightness, purity [IW]

dwangs gsal - clear, pure, transparent, transparent clarity, lucidity; subtly limpid and clear; subtle limpid clarity [RY]

dvangs gsal - pristine lucidity [of awareness]; pristine clarity [of space]; pristine and lucid [RB]

dwangs gsal rnyogs bral - purity, clarity and limpidity [JV]

gdangs - radiance, lustre, (primordial, inner, natural) glow, self-radiance, (ultimate, subtle) clarity, resonance, creativity, actuality, lucid manifestation, incessant creativity, SA mdangs, dwangs, luminous nature, inner ultimate, subtle force, profundity, chant (slow & formal with syllables extended), manifestation, open tune, tone or pitch of one's voice, music, harmony, melody, forehead, the very nature of energy, capacity of energy to manifest its own nature just as a crystal which is put into a colored cloth reveals the qualities by which it is characterized, past of gdang, primary energy of potentiality of manifestation, SA thugs rje, translucency, primal manifestation of energy, dang energy [JV]

bde gsal mi rtog - pleasure & clarity & non-thought , bliss & clarity & non-thought [JV]

bde gsal mi rtog pa - bliss, clarity, and nonthought. Three temporary meditation experiences. Fixation on them plants the seeds for rebirth in the three realms of samsara. Without fixation, they are adornments of the three kayas [RY]

bde gsal mi rtog pa - bliss, clarity, and nonthought; (meditative experiences) [RY]

bde gsal mi rtog pa'i nyams gsum - three temporary experiences of bliss, clarity, and no-thought [RY]

bde gsal mi rtog pa'i ting nge 'dzin - a samadhi with bliss, clarity, and nonthought [RY]

mdangs - principal manifestation, (inner, primordial, natural) glow, (ultimate, subtle) clarity, transparency, brightness, yesterday, Guru's radiance, color, color of the face, fresh looks, healthy complexion, lustre, splendor, forehead, luminous nature, inner, ultimate, subtle force, profundity, radiance, expression, glowing, SA sdangs, complexion, radiance, color, hue, bright, radiant [JV]

nang gsal - 1) inner luminosity, internal luminosity; inner lucency. inner luminosity, {gdod ma'i gnas lugs}; inner brilliance; inner/ inward/ internal(ized) clarity. See {gsal} 2) according to, as written in [RY]

nang gsal - inner (luminous clarity, clarity, luminosity, light), clear inside, lucid, elucidation, attired in colored cloth or woven silk, inner luminosity, internal luminosity, inner lucidity [JV]

nang gsal du bzhugs pa - present as inner clarity [RY]

snang ba cog bzhag - 1 of cog bzhag, state of relaxation of the vision (visions of phenomenal reality are recognized in a state of presence and clarity beyond dualistic judgement) [JV]

phyi gsal - outward clarity; outer luminosity, outward clarity [Syn {phyir gsal}; outer/ outward/ external(ized) illumination [RY]

phyi gsal - outer clarity, appear outwardly [JV]

phyir gsal - outward clarity [RY]

phyir gsal - {phyi gsal} outer/ outward (expression of)/ external(ized) illumination/ vividness/ clarity [RB]

byis pa nyer spyod kye bsam gtan - the enjoyment meditations of an immature person, a worlding's dhyana of enjoyment, [attachment to experiences of bliss, clarity and non-thought] [RY]

ma bcos gsal ba - uncontrived clarity [JV]

mi rtog - Nonthought. A state in which conceptual thinking is absent. It can refer to nonconceptual wakefulness but usually it is one of the three temporary meditation experiences (bliss, clarity and nonthought) that is often tainted by subtle fascination and attachment [RY]

mi rtog pa - non-conceptual, conceptless non-thought non-thinking [doesn't necessarily mean 'completely without thoughts', but that one is still and does not want to move. With bliss and clarity one of three types of experience marking progress) dividing concepts, syn {yul snang la mi 'dzin pa} not grasping/fixating apparent objects. includes intrinsic conceptionlessness of perception, artificial non- thought of concentration etc. [IW]

rtse mo snang ba mched pa'i ting nge 'dzin - the concentration of the increased clarity of summit [RY]

zhi gnas 'thug po - dense / thick shamatha, thick calm abiding; refers to a shamatha in which you practice repeatedly at cutting down thoughts to the point where you can stay in that samadhi for extraordinary lengths of time. In the end it turns into a shravaka's cessation. Regarded as a faulty meditation in the Mahamudra tradition because there is no factor of clarity with it [RY]

zang thal - 1) substanceless, translucence, unimpededness, totally open, unobstructed clarity, transparent, transparency, penetrating openness, penetrable / penetration, utterly open, unobstructed clarity. transparent[cy], {zang nge thal le} / {zang ma thal}; unimpeded; free and all-embracing (openness); direct penetration, directly penetrating; penetrating [RY]

zang thal kha yan - a free vastness of unimpeded clarity [free from all thoughts and reference points, but still without falling unconscious, like dustless pure space]. Syn {har sang rgyan yan} [RY]

gzi brjid gsal ba - clear brilliance, brilliant clarity [RY]

'od gsal - light intensity, (-, primordial, radiant, clear, bright) light, sheer lucency, luminosity, abhasvara god, luminous, luminous absorption, luminescence, clarity, celestial region, name of bon heaven, supernatural enlightening of the saints, radiant awareness, luminous clarity, clear light heaven, 1 of gzugs khams gnas rigs bcu bdun, luminous clarity, natural luminosity, luminous clarity, utter lucidity, luminosity [JV]

'od gsal - luminous, lucent, lucid, luminescent, radiant, light. luminous; brilliance, radiant light. radiant clarity 1) luminous clarity, luminosity; brightness, clarity, lucidity, clear light. 2) One of the 28 classes of gods in the {gzugs kyi khams}. the third realm in the {bsam gtan gnyis pa} form realm of the {bsam gtan gnyis pa ba'i}. the 2nd absorption; Prabhasvara,[a class of gods]; 3) luminous wakefulness, cognizance, 6) inner radiance. the radiance or luminosity of mind-as-such, occurring between the waking and the dream states. the Clear Light inner radiance [RY]

'od gsal gyi snang ba - appearances of clarity, energy of clear light [JV]

'od gsal ba - luminosity, luminous; sheer clarity radiance; radiant, bring light; bright light. 2) lucid wakefulness [RY]

yang gsal - more and more clarity [JV]

rang dwangs - clarity [RY]

rang gdangs - manifestation, inherent radiance, natural profundity, natural clarity, inherent translucent radiance, Dang energy [JV]

rang bzhin - (inherent, essential, ultimate, in its) nature, natural (disposition, state, constitution, temperament, inherent existence), character, actuality, fact, datum, essence, in itself, givenness, presence, frame of reference, natural state, character of existents, innate essence, manifesting, identity, accidental, character, nature or clarity aspect of primordial base, true nature, intrinsic nature, condition, One of chos gsum, the very substance, the substance of, its nature, natural [JV]

rang bzhin - svabhava 1) nature, fundamental / inherent / ultimate nature, essence, own-being, character, quality, identity, self-nature. Syn {bdag} see {ngo bo rang bzhin thugs rje}. 2) intrinsic reality, actuality essence. Syn voidness, 3) self-existence, 4) frame of reference, natural expression [of mind]. 5) natural, naturally, short for {rang bzhin gyis} 6) manifesting. 7) character, consist of. 8) essence, 9) himself, oneself, own, self, intrinsic, natural, self spontaneous; similar to {ngo bo} but when referring to sugatagarbha, {ngo bo} refers to the emptiness aspect whereas {rang bzhin} refers to the luminosity or clarity aspect. 10) primal matter Syn {gtso bo}. / by nature, naturally. vi. to be of the nature of. type, manifesting, nature. Similar to {nang tshul, gshis}, {chos nyid} and {gnas lugs}; consist of, essential [original] nature, own being, in its own being, state of own being, there has been born; independent existence; inherent nature/ self-nature/ the very nature (of things); natural forms [in grammar]. natural expression. the natural expression. essential [original] nature, state of own being, nature, inherent nature, actuality, frame of reference; nature, character; inherent nature, the true nature; natural character [RY]

rang bzhin brgyad cu'i rtog pa - Eighty inherent thought states. 33 resulting from anger, 40 from desire and 7 from delusion. First, the thirty-three thought states resulting from anger, according to the spyod bsdus composed by Aryadeva, are: detachment, medium detachment, intense detachment, inner mental going, and coming, sadness, medium sadness, intense sadness, quietude, conceptualization, fear, medium fear, intense fear, craving, medium craving, intense craving, grasping, nonvirtue, hunger, thirst, sensation, medium sensation, intense sensation, cognizing, cognizance, perception-basis, discrimination, conscience, compassion, love, medium love, intense love, apprehensiveness, attraction, and jealousy. Secondly, the forty thought states of desire according to the spyod bsdus are: attachment, lack of clarity, thorough lust, delight, medium delight, intense delight, rejoicing, strong joy, amazement, laughter, satisfaction, embracing, kissing, clasping, supporting, exertion, pride, engagement, helpfulness, strength, joy, joining in bliss, medium joining in bliss, intense joining in bliss, gracefulness, strong flirtation, hostility, virtue, lucidity, truth, nontruth, ascertainment, grasping, generosity, encouragement, bravery, shamelessness, perkiness, viciousness, unruliness, and strong deceitfulness. Thirdly: The seven thought states of delusion are, again according to the spyod bsdus: medium desire, forgetfulness, confusion, speechlessness, weariness, laziness, and doubt [RY]

rang bzhin gsal ba - the nature of clarity, clear nature [JV]

rang bzhin lhan cig skyes pa'i ye shes - natural inborn wisdom [devoid of all attachment to the experiences of bliss, clarity and no-thought] [RY]

rang 'od gsal - shines by its own luminous clarity [JV]

rang rig rang gsal - self-luminous mind, the self-clarity of one's own mind, self-aware natural cognizance, innate clarity of self-awareness, lucid awareness; innate clarity of self-awareness, lucid awareness, the self-clarity of one's own mind, self-aware natural cognizance [RY]

rang gsal - (re mind:) naturally/ inherently lucid; natural/ inherent lucidity; isc. (to be) naturally evident (re sensory appearances:) naturally/ inherently clear/ vivid; natural/ inherent clarity/ vividness; naturally luminous [RB]

rang gsal - self- (luminous, radiant, clarity, cognizant), inherently clear, (inherent, intrinsic) clarity, enlighten naturally, spontaneous cognizance, self-refulgent, natural clarity, the nature of clarity, inherent clarity, inherent luminosity, natural lucidity, natural awareness, its clarity [JV]

rang gsal - self-luminous, naturally awake; inherent clarity, inherent luminosity; natural, own clarity, radiance, brilliance, self-luminous, self-cognizance, natural lucidity / clarity, luminosity; natural, own clarity, radiance, brilliance, self-luminous, self-cognizance, spontaneous cognizance, natural lucidity / clarity, luminosity; one's own awareness; self-luminous [RY]

rang gsal gyi dran pa - self-cognizant mindfulness, presence of natural clarity, presence of clarity [JV]

rab gsal - 1) Pradyota [Buddha]. 2) brilliant clarity, 3) completely banish, clear away. 4) one of the 'three men from khams' who managed to preserve the Vinaya under the suppression of {glang dar ma} 5) very intelligent [extremely clear] [RY]

rig pa - (tha mi dad pa) 1) seeing; 2) realize, know [gnas tshul rig pa,//nang don rig pa,//thams cad so sor ruig pa,//yang dag par rig pa,//ji bzhin du rig nas lag len bstar ba]; 3) mind, awareness; 2) intellect, understanding, intelligence; 3) ground of training/ practice; 4) consciousness explained in Dhamra; 5) know[er], cognize[r], mind [= *{shes rig}*] understand, cognition, understanding, knowledge; 6) mantra; 7) intellectual reason[ing], rationality, philosophy; 8) [intrinsically] real; 9) insight[ful], intuitive awareness, the flash of knowing that gives its illumining quality; 10) learned; 11) pure/ sheer presence; 12) wakefulness, intrinsic awareness; 13) intelligence and openness, precision and sharpness w space, clarity and penetrating transparency, awareness, dharmakaya guru, science, logic, mantra, cognition [IW]

rig par gsal ba - manifest in the clarity of rig pa [JV]

rig gsal - clear awareness, awareness and clarity, clear rigpa [JV]

rig gsal - clear awareness, awareness and clarity [RY]

rig gsal dbyer med - the inseparability of awareness and clarity [RY]

sa le gzigs pa - {ci yang sa le gzigs pa} you who see everything with perfect clarity [RY]

sa le hrig ge ba - alert clarity [JV]

sa ler mkhyen - total clarity of knowledge [JV]

sang nge - immaculate, stainless, pure, secret, purely, pure clarity, vividly present, clear, lucid [JV]

sang nge - sang nge ba - (state of) pure clarity/ lucidity; pristine/ immaculate/ pure; brilliance; brilliant [acc. to KOT, such words are nyams kyi skad cha and all have a sense of gsal cha rnam rtog med pa] [RB]

sal le - {sal le ba} vivid(ness); ["although the nature is empty, it is naturally and unobstructedly clear"]; clarity [not falling into the direction/ extreme of emptiness]; luminous [RB]

sal le ba - vivid(ness); ["although the nature is empty, it is naturally and unobstructedly clear"]; clarity [not falling into the direction/ extreme of emptiness]; luminous [RB]

sal le seng nge lhag ge lhang nge - distinct, alive, vibrant and vivid; four measures of clarity - {gsal ba'i tshad bzhi} [RY] [[ sing nge]] - {sing nge ba} limpid (awareness)/ limpidity; clarity [RB]

sing nge ba - limpid (awareness)/ limpidity; clarity [RB]

seng nge - {seng nge ba} limpid (awareness)/ limpidity; clarity; (not falling in the direction of appearances; free from the concepts of the three times; purely; lucid) [RB]

seng nge ba - limpid (awareness)/ limpidity; clarity; (not falling in the direction of appearances; free from the concepts of the three times; purely; lucid) [RB]

so sor gsal ba - clearly differentiate, individual clarity, illumination, enlightenment, every day [JV]

gsang cha - clarity [RY]

gsal - express; look under noun / adj. / verb. 1) adj. bright, brilliant, dazzling, luminous, clear, lucid, lucent, radiant, distinct. 2) noun. light, luminosity, brilliance, lucidity, luculence, vividness, precision, sharpness, directness, radiance, distinctness, brightness, clarity. 3) verb. to cognize, know, understand, to be aware, cognizant, knowing, wakeful, awake, conscious. Syn {ha go ba} 4) to appear, show [itself], manifest, appearing [in the form of.] {'di gsal mdzod} appear here, vividly present, apparent {da lha nyid du gsal ba} apparent at this very moment. 5) energy, dynamic potential. 6) banish, clear away, remove, {rab gsal} to banish the dark ignorance. 7) elucidation, explanation, clarification, confirm {don gsal} confirm the meaning. 8) are seen clearly, show. 9) visualize {gsal btab / 'debs / gdab} 10) wakefulness, cognizance. 11) to shine, illumine; luminosity, clarity; visualize; manifest [RY]

gsal - clarity, transparency, luminosity, lucidity, irradiance, lucency, illumination, effulgence, clear, luminous absorption, luminescence luminous, appear, consonants, visualize, resplendent, separate, distinct, expressed, pale, in verbal constructions, to manifest, will manifest, shone, manifests as, shine forth, shines, clear [JV]

gsal kha - [degree of] clarity, specification [IW]

gsal ngar - sharp (edge of) lucidity/ clarity [RB]

gsal cha - (activity of stong pa), revealing and manifesting, clarity, vividness of awareness as well as the object in meditative practice, one the side of luminous clarity [JV]

gsal cha - cognizant quality; {gsal ba'i cha} the aspect of its luminosity, the clarity aspect. Syn {sa ler ha go ba} [in Trekcho]; on the side of luminous clarity; factor of clarity, the clarity aspect [RY]

gsal cha - degree of clarity, information, news, dka cha [IW]

gsal cha chung ba - little clarity [IW]

gsal cha che ba - great clarity [IW]

gsal cha mi snang ba - to lacking lucid clarity [RY]

gsal cha med pa - without clarity [IW]

gsal cha'i ngar - strength of clarity with which the mind apprehends the object [JV]

gsal rjen - direct naked clarity, directly and nakedly clear, real, camouflaged clarity [IW]

gsal rjen rjen pa - direct naked clarity [IW]

gsal rjen du ston - show the naked reality/ in naked clarity [IW]

gsal nyams - clarity experience [JV]

gsal nyams - experience of clarity, luminosity experience; temporary experience of clarity, one of the three {nyams} [RY]

gsal stong - clarity and emptiness, the unity of clarity and openness, luminosity-emptiness, aware emptiness, empty awareness, state of aware emptiness [JV]

gsal stong nyams - experience of clarity and emptiness [JV]

gsal stong gnyis med - inseparability of clarity and emptiness [JV]

gsal stong bde nyams - experiences of clarity & emptiness & pleasure [JV]

gsal stong dbyer med - inseparability of clarity and emptiness [JV]

gsal stong dbyer med - the inseparability of clarity and emptiness [RY]

gsal stong rig - rigpa related to clarity and emptiness [JV]

gsal stong rig pa - rigpa of clarity and emptiness [JV]

gsal stong rlung - prana for clarity and emptiness, prana relating to clarity and emptiness, clarity & emptiness related to prana [JV]

gsal ston - clarity, demonstration, demonstration [JV]

gsal brtan tshad brgyad - eight measures of clarity and steadiness; [detailed expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 111] [RY]

gsal dag - translucent and pure, clarity and purity, clear & pure [JV]

gsal dag 'byung lnga - clarity and purity of the 5 elements [JV]

gsal dwangs - radiance; {gsal la dvangs pa} lucid, lucidity, lucent and limpid, sparkling clarity [RY]

gsal snang - clear manifestation, clear appearance, vivid presence, manifestation of vision, visualization, vivid clarity, clarity of vision [JV]

gsal snang bde - clarity & vision & bliss [JV]

gsal ba - luminosity, translucency, radiance, clarity, vividness, lucent clarity, clear irradiance, lucency, illumination, effulgence, clearly visible instance, manifestation, be clear, bright, light, pure, visible to a great distance, conspicuous, apparent, intelligible, fully blown, copious in fullness, manifest, set aside, turned away, fame, to appear, natural clarity, reveals itself as, to illuminate, to visualize, luminous clarity, sometimes misspelling of bsal ba, to clearly know, to manifest as, to shine, cognizance, crystal-clear, brilliant, reflects [JV]

gsal ba - 1) to appear, manifest; be clear, be apparent; appear clearly, be clearly evident. Longchenpa: Syn {mngon du gyur ba}2) clarity, cognizance, 3) instance, manifestation, 4) to illuminate, clarify, elucidate; 5) be brilliant; bright, clear, cognizant, awake, luminous; bright, distinct, ex {nyi ma gsal ba} brilliant sun. 6) to visualize, 7) clarity, luminosity, luminous clarity, 8) clarity, the second of the three {nyams} [RY]

gsal ba - clarity; clear/ vivid; to clarify/ elucidate; to be clear; to be evident/ apparent); (to be) brilliant; lucidity; to be lucid [RB]

gsal ba'i sgo - learned person, gate of clarity/ luminosity [IW]

gsal ba'i nyams - experience of clarity; temporary experience of clarity, one of the three {nyams} [RY]

gsal ba'i nyams - experience of clarity, experience of clarity, experience of clarity [JV]

gsal ba'i thabs - method of clarity [JV]

gsal ba'i brda - sign of clarity in which the clarity of all visions which appear manifests automatically, SA brda bzhi, Da of clarity [JV]

gsal ba'i tshad bzhi - four measures of clarity; {sal le seng nge lhag ge lhang nge} distinct, alive, vibrant and vivid [RY]

gsal ba'i tshad bzhi - four measures of clarity; [detailed expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 178] [RY]

gsal bal - clarity, clear [RY]

gsal tsam - pure clarity [JV]

gsal rig - clear presence, clarity and presence, awake quality, lucidly aware quality [JV]

gsal rig nyag gcig - single clarity and presence [JV]

gsal la dwangs pa - lucid[ity], lucent and limpid, sparkling clarity [IW]

gsal lam me - vivid clarity, bright [JV]

gsal lam mer - with vivid clarity [JV]

gsal shing rig pa - cognizant and conscious, clarity and awareness; to be clear and aware [characteristics of ordinary mind] [RY]

gsal sang nge - utter clarity, the mode of the {gsal nyams} [RY]

gsal sing nge - limpid lucidity/ clarity [RB]

gsal sing nge ba - limpid lucidity/ clarity [RB]

ha shang gi lta ba - Hashang View. A view propagated in Tibet by Chinese Buddhist masters. When used in a negative sense it means to simply pursue a meditative state devoid of conceptual thinking, believing that to be the ultimate. It is criticized as lacking the clarity of discriminating knowledge [RY]

had po - 1) unconscious, mindless, blank. 2) hasty, sudden, immediate; blank nothingness, dumbstruck, senseless; blankness, see also {had de ba} and {mi rtog pa'i had po}. Had po can refer to a type of meditation in which there is no conceptual process so the meditator thinks that he has "found it" but in which the clarity, the knowing aspect is also missing. This is a very mistaken type of meditation [RY]

har sangs - unrestricted/ unconfined/ unrestrained/ unfettered [=rgya yan]; isc. wide-open clarity [RB]

har sangs - wide-open clarity [JV]

hrig ge ba - present, clarity, awake, wide-awake [JV]

lhag mthong - vipasyana, (-, mystic, piercing, special) insight, wider vision, ampler vision, wider perspective, (excellent seeing), insight wisdom, insight meditation, movement aspect of primordial state, seeing more, experiential understanding of the movement of thought, special insight, higher insight, penetrative insight, intuitive clarity, profound insight, vipashyana [JV]