Hope and Fear

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klong dgu - The nine expanses. Def by Longchenpa:{lta ba la 'pho 'gyur med pa'i klong, sgom pa la yin min med pa'i klong, 'bras bu la re dogs med pa'i klong, ngo bo la grub bsal med pa'i klong, rang bzhin ma 'gags rol pa'i klong, mtshan nyid la snang sems grol ba'i klong, dbyings la 'pho 'gyur med pa'i klong, rol pa 'gag med rang shar gyi klong, lhun mnyam ye grol cog gzhag gi klong ngo}; the expanse beyond change and alteration for the view, the expanse beyond being and not being for the meditation, the expanse beyond hope and fear for the fruition, the expanse beyond establishing and eliminating for the essence, the expanse beyond restrictions for the nature, the expanse of liberated appearance and mind for the characteristic, the expanse beyond change and alteration for the basic space, the expanse for unobstructed arising for the display, and the expanse free from placement for the spontaneous equality of primordial liberation. [RY]

rnam rtog langs pa - thoughts of hope and fear arising [IW]

phrang - dangerous passages; ex {re dogs kyi 'phrang las grol ba} liberated from the dangerous passages of hope and fear; (as opposed to riding on the open plains of the view where no bandits can lie in ambush) [RY]

re dogs - hope and fear; anticipation and anxiety/ apprehension [RB]

re dogs - hopes, fears; hope and fear; anticipation and anxiety/ apprehension; worries [RY]

re dogs kyi mtha' - extremes of hope and fear [RY]

re dogs gnyis - hope and fear [RY]

re dogs bral ba - beyond hope and fear [RY]

re dogs med pa - without entertaining hope or worry, beyond hope and fear [JV]

shin tu rnal 'byor - Ati Yoga. The third of the Three Inner Tantras. According to Jamgön Kongtrül the First, it emphasizes the view that liberation is attained through growing accustomed to insight into the nature of primordial enlightenment, free from accepting and rejecting, hope and fear. The more common word for Ati Yoga nowadays is 'Dzogchen,' the Great Perfection. Ati means 'supreme.' [RY]

a ti yo ga'i theg pa - ati yoga yana [the 9th of 9 vehicles of Nyingma [, also called shin tu rnal 'byor rdzogs pa chen po'i theg pa supreme yoga, the [vehicle of the] great perfection. As preliminaries rig pa'i rtsal bzhis [four powers of insight/awareness?] are ripened. The view is insight/awareness beyond mind [= wisdom] the intrinsic face or reality of trikaya; the empty nature, dharmakaya, the luminous nature sambhogakaya, all-pervading compassion, nirmanakaya. In meditation having joined the experiences of alpha purity cutting through solidity ka dag khregs chod and, the spontaneous presence of sudden pefection as it is of thod rgal practice qv, whatever situations appear arise as the play of manifestations of dharmata, therefore presentated without accepting or rejecting hope and fear. The fruition is reaching four appearances, snang bzhi, qv. By that the rainbow body,'ja' lus, the supreme body of the grat transformation 'pho ba chen po'i sku mchog is attained. This is called the level of the guru, awarness, the bhumi of unexcelled wisdom (ye shes bla ma'i sa); the level of Samantabhadra; or the permanent domain of the youthful vase body, gzhon nu bum sku'i gtan srid.] [IW]