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Vajrapani (phyag na rdo rje). 'Vajra Bearer.' One of the eight great bodhisattvas and the chief compiler of the Vajrayana teachings. Also known as 'Lord of Secrets.'

bka' bzhi brgyud pa - 1) Four Transmitted Precepts. 2) the lineage of. 3) The transmitted precepts of the Great Seal which descended through Vajrapani. 4) Saraha. 5) Lohipa. 6) Dharikapa. 7) Ding-gi-pa. 8) Tilopa. 9) the transmitted precepts of the Father Tantras which descended through Guhyapati. {sa bcu dbang phyug blo gros rin chen}. 10) Nagarjuna. 11) Matangipa. 12) Tilopa. 13) the transmitted precepts of the Mother Tantras which descended through Sumati Samantabhadri. {thang lo pa, shing lo pa}. 14) Karnaripa, and Tilopa. 15) the transmitted precepts of inner radiance which descended through Vajrapani. Dombi Heruka, Bi-na-sa, Lawapa, Indrabhuti and Tilopa [RY]

skye mched kyi lha - ayatana-deities. Concerning the ayatana-deities, the Sarma tradition says: In the eyes is the lady of Vajra Dullness; in the ears is the lady of Vajra Anger, in the nose is the lady of Vajra Greed; in the mouth is the lady of Vajra Passion; in the body is the lady of Vajra Envy, in the mind is the Non-Ego Yogini. And, at the crown of the head is the lady of Vajra Body, at the throat is the lady of Vajra Speech, and at the heart is the lady of Vajra Mind. According to the Nyingma tradition, in the eyes Kshitigarbha; in the ears is Vajrapani; in the nose is Akashagarbha; on the tongue is Avalokitesvara; in the body is the four wrathful [gate-keepers]; and in the five places you visualize the five families. See also (nye sras bsngags brjod) [RY]

mkhan chen phyag rdor ba'i lha gsum - The three deities of the great master Vajrapani. 1) {rta mgrin}. Hayagriva}. 2) {phyag na rdo rje} Vajrapani 3) {bya khyung} Garuda bird [RY]

gar ma - 1) goddess of dance, Dancing Maid / Girl. Syn {gar mkhan ma} the female bodhisattva [consort of Vajrapani]. 2) dancing girls; Nirti Dance Goddess; Nirti Dance Goddess (his consort) [RY]

gos sngon can - 1) sky; 2) Vajrapani; 3) Saturn; 4) Khyab 'jug gi gcen po stobs bzang [IW]

dga' rab rdo rje - Garab Dorje, Skt. Surativajra, Prahevajra, Pramoda Vajra). The incarnation of Semlhag Chen, a god who earlier had been empowered by the buddhas. Immaculately conceived, his mother was a nun, the daughter of King Uparaja (Dhahenatalo or Indrabhuti) of Uddiyana. Garab Dorje received all the tantras, scriptures and oral instructions of Dzogchen from Vajrasattva and Vajrapani in person and became the first human vidyadhara in the Dzogchen lineage. Having reached the state of complete enlightenment through the effortless Great Perfection, Garab Dorje transmitted the teachings to his retinue of exceptional beings. Manjushrimitra is regarded as his chief disciple. Padmasambhava is also known to have received the transmission of the Dzogchen tantras directly from Garab Dorje's wisdom form [RY]

lcang lo can - Braided; 1) pure land of Vajrapani. 2) [realm of Vajradhara etc.], the buddhafield of Dorje Chang, buddhafield of {drug pa rdo rje 'chang} Syn {'og min} [RY]

nye ba'i sras brgyad - Eight Close Sons: Eight main bodhisattvas. Kshitigarbha, Akashagarbha, Avalokiteshvara, Vajrapani, Maitreya, Sarvanirvarana Viskambin, Samantabhadra and Manjushri [RY]

nye sras bsngags brjod - separate verse works in praise of the eight chief bodhisattvas: Manjushri, Avalokitesvara, Vajrapani, Maitreya, Kshitigarbha, Sarvanivarana-Viskambhin, Akashagarbha, and Samantabhadra [RY]

gtum po dregs pa kun 'dul - Wrathful Subduer of all Powerful Spirits". A terma discovered within rock by Rigdzin Rölpey Dorje in the 17th century. It deals primarily with Vajrapani, and parts of it are found in various sections of Kongtrül's "Treasury of Termas" [RY]

mthu chen thob - [Syn Vajrapani] [RY]

rigs gsum mgon po - Lords of the Three Families, Three Family Lords, Three Protectors. Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani [RY]

rigs gsum mgon po - 3 protecting lords, protectors of the three families, three kinds of protectors (Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Vajrapani) [JV]

rigs gsum mgon po - Three Protectors; the Bodhisattvas Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani [RY]

rdo rje can - 1) Vajradhara; 2) Vajrapani) [IW]

rdo rje chos - Dharmevajra; Vajrapani [RY]

rdo rje dbang phyug - Vajrapani, phyag na rdo rje} [IW]

rdo rje 'dzin - vajra-holder, [Syn Vajrapani]; vajra-holder, [Syn Vajrapani] [RY]

gnod sbyin sde dpon - 1) lord of the yakshas, like rnam thos sras; 2) (met Vajrapani [IW]

gnod sbyin lag na rdo rje - the yaksa Vajrapani [RY]

phyag rdor - Vajrapani. Syn {phyag rdor na rdo rje} Vajrapani [RY]

phyag rdor bdud rtsi'i thig pa - Nectar-drop of Vajrapani, by Lhodrak Drubchen [RY]