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General Bibliographical Notes from Matthieu Ricard

The Khandro Nyingthig was hidden as gter ma at Dangla Thramo Trak in Dagpo (ldang lha khra mo brag). It was revealed, in 1253, by Pema Ledreltsel (pad ma las 'brel rtsal, 1231-1259) the reincarnation of Lacham Padma Tsel. Pema Ledreltsel had received the prediction for the discovery of the Khandro Nyingthig when he was fifteen and discovered it when he was twenty-two, before passing away at the age of twenty-eight. Pema Ledreltsel reincarnated as Gyalwa Longchen Rabjam (rgyal ba klong chen rab 'byams, 1308-1363), who incorporated these teachings in his Nyingthig Yazhi (snying thig ya bzhi, see Chapter 15, note 76).

The nine cycles: see CN 305
1) smin grol sems kyi rgya bdud
2) spyod pa chu la ral gri
3) dam tshig rang sems me long
4) dam rdzas rtogs pa'i nyi ma
5) ro snyoms spyi yi me long
6) bde chen gsung gi rin chen
7) rtsa lung dra mig 'khor lo
8) rang grol phyag rgya chen po
9) rig pa ye shes sgron me

  • 'dul ba gleng 'bum: a relation of the circumstances that made Lord Buddha to edict the various monastic rules.

bod yul gangs can gyi ljong su snga 'gyur bka' gter gyi chos brgyud 'dzin pa'i gdan sa chen po thub bstan rdo rje brag E wam lcog sgar ba'i chos brgyud dang gdan rabs bcas kyi lo rgyus mdor bsdus)
by Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche

rtsa ba shes rab, rtsod zlog, stong nyid bdun cu pa, rigs pa drug cu pa, zhib mo rnam 'thag, and rin chen 'phreng ba

chos thams cad kyi spyir btang dka' ba'i gnas kyi brjed byang gsal bar ston pa rnam grangs rgya mthso'i gter
A detailed explanation of the various concepts and categories of Buddist philosophy, by padma rig 'dzin (sa smad bla ma nyag bla)
Published by Lama Dodrup Sangyay, Gangtok, Sikkim, 1977
151 ff

the cycle of teachings focused upon Guru Padmasambhava revealed by rig 'dzin 'ja 'tshon snying po (1585-1656).

  • List of names of Sutras used for references (translation of the names is tentative):

mdo sde rgyan /(some have nyan thos pa'i sa)
byang chub sems dpa'i sa
bslab pa kun btus
spyod 'jug
skyes rabs
ched du brjod pa'i tshoms

  • bka' gdams glegs bam, pha chos, bu chos: "The Scriptures of the Kadampas, Father and Sons". A collection of instructions, questions and answers, stories, songs, prophecies, etc., of Lord Atisha (the father), and his disciples (the sons). Includes 49 sections, 26 for the Father's Dharma, 22 for the Sons' Dharma, and 1 section of miscellanii.

The Father Dharma comprises:
1) the byang chub sems dpa'i nor bu phreng ba, a short text in verse on the Bodhisattva Path by Atisha;
2) the 23 sections of the zhus lan nor bu'i phreng ba, authored by Atisha: a series of instructions to Drom Tönpa Gyalwai Jungney and of spiritual conversions between Atisha and Drom.
The Sons' Dharma comprises:
Collected by legs pa'i shes rab.
Lhassa prints, and 2 volume edition (435 pp. and 427 pp.) by Kalsang Lhundup, Buddhist Temple, Vanarasi, 1973-74. (bka' gdams glegs bam, Collected Teachings and Stories of Lord Atisha and His Disciples on the Precious Practice fo the Bka' Gdams Pa Buddhism).

sle kug bzhad pa'i rdo rje: 5th incarnation of lho brag grub chen. Wrote many volumes related to the mkha' 'gro gsang ba ye shes of smin gling and chos rje gling pa.

Guide to
gsang lam sgrub pa'i gnas chen nyer bzhi'i ya gyal goo-dah-wa-ri 'am 'brog laphyi gangs kyi ra ba'i sngon byung gi tshul las tsam pa'i gtam gyi rab tu phyed pa nyung du rnam gsal

by 'bri gung chung zang VI, dkon mchog bstan 'dzin chos kyi blo gros rnam par rgyal ba'i sde. Drigung Chung Tsang VI, born in 1868.
Composed in 1896.

Udanavarga, (ched du rjod pa'i mtshoms), a Collection of Verses from the Buddhist Canon compiled by Dharmatrata. The Udanavarga is similar in content and style to the famed Dhammapada found in the Pali canon. It was first translated into English from the Tibetan version of the bka' 'gyur, with notes and extracts from the commentary of Pradjnavarman, by William Rockhill (Trubner's Oriental Series), London, 1883, 1892.

Abhisamayalankara, Translated by E.Conze, Roma, Is.M.E.O., 1954, S.O.R., Vol. VI.

Mahayanasutralankara of Asanga Ed. and translation by J.W. De Jong, Paris, 19 (Buddhica, Premiere Serie: Memoires, t. IX).^ BI MH ST#

Takse Richö (stag rtse ri chos):
Ri chos zab mo grub pa'i bcud len sprang rtsi'i snying po
by stag rtse bya bral ba mi pham phun tshogs shes rab
28 folios

Basic Historical Works:
sba bzhad, chronicle containing histories of the reigns of khri srong de tsan and mu ne tsan po.

Deb ther dmar po written by Tshal pa kun dga' rdo rje in 1346 and deb ther sngon po composed by 'gos lo tsa ba between 1476 and 1478. Deb ther dkar po composed by dge ' dun chos 'phel (The White Annals, translated by Samten Norboo, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala, 1978)

Thub pa'i dbang po'i bstod pa legs bshad snying po, better known as rten 'brel bstod pa, is a praise to the Interdependent Links, in 58 stanzas, composed by Tsongkhapa while doing a solitary retreat at Olkha, in Central Tibet, following a dream in which he meet, Nagarjuna, Shantideva, Chandrakirti, Aryadeva and other great Indian panditas, the chief expounders of the Madhyamika philisophy. At the end of the dream Buddhapalita stood up and blessed Tsongkhapa with a volume of his commentary on Madhyamikalankara. Following this dream Tsongkhapa attained a high degree of understanding of the ultimate reality while reading a verse of Bhudhapalita which says that, "the self is neither different nor identical to the aggregates." The same day, Tsongkhapa wrote this praise to Lord Buddha, the Awakened One who first realized this truth.

Tibetan History (bod kyi srid don rgyal rabs), by Tsepon, W.D. Shakabpa, published by Shakabpa House, Kalimpong, Indian, 1976, Vol. I and II.

Tibet, a Political History, by Tsepon, W.D. Shakabpa, Potala Publications, New York, 1984, pp.369

Potala Publications, Rm. 703, 801 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017 USA

ANCIENT TIBET. Research Material from The Yeshey De Project. Dharma Publishing. 1986.

Ho-Chin Yang: "The Annals of Kokonor", Published by Indiana University, Bloomington, Mouton and Co, The Hague, The Netherlands

Nagarjuna. A Drop of Nourishment for People and its Commmentary, The Jewel Ornament. Translated from the Mongolian by Stanley Frye. Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: Dharamsala. 1981

(lugs kyi bstan bcos bo gos pa'i thigs pa)

Huntington Jr C.W. : The Emptiness of Emptiness, An Introduction to Early Indian Madhymika. University of Hawaii Press. Honolulu. 1989.

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An Account of Tibet: The Travels of Ippolito Desideri of Pistoia, S.J., 1712-1727. London. 1932.


International Mapping Unlimited
4343 Thirty-ninth Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20016
(Landsat-based maps of Bhutan and Nepal)

Sandford International Map Centre
12-14 Long Acre
London WC2E 9LP
(U502 sheets and Schneider maps)

Library Alpina
Via C. Coroned-Berti, 4
40137 Bologna, Zona 3705
(map and books, good catalog)

Michael Chessler Books
P.O. Box 2436
Evergreen, CO 80439
(800) 654-8502
(303) 670-0093
(Scheider series, U502, and others)

Geo Center GmbH
Honihwiesenstrasse 25
Postfach 80 08 30
D-7000 Stuttgart 80
West Germany
(one of the biggest map house)

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^ MA SU #

Gyalwa Longchenpa: "You Are the Eyes of the World", Translated by Kennard Lipman and Merill Peterson, under the inspiration of Namkhai Norbu. Editions Lotsawa. 1987.

Lotsawa, 175 San Marin Drive, Suite 108, Novato, California. 94 947 USA

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Konchog Gyaltsen (dbal man dkon mchog rgyal mtshan): "History of the Mongols" (rgyal bod sog gi lo rgyus nyung ngur brjod pa byis pa 'jug pa'i 'bab stegs), pp. 480-665 of "Collected Works, Volume 4, New Delhi, 1974. (Reproduced by Gyaltan Gelek Namgyal, Gedan Sungrab Minyam Gyunphel Series. Volume 63)

Cha Har Geshe (cha har dge bshes): On Gushri Khan and his descendents (gu shri han gtsang rgayl sogs bcom nas bod kyi rgyal po byas pa dang de'i rigs rgyud sogs kyi brjed byang) and others historical notes on Mongols leaders of Kokonor area, pp.91-104, in Collected Works, Volume 5,New Delhi, 1973. (Reproduced by Chatring Jansar Tenzin)

Works of Minyak Kunsang Sonam, Chökyi Trakpa (Kun bzang bsod nams, chos kyi grags pa):

Volume OM:
bsam gtan dang gzugs med kyi snyoms 'jug gi spyi don legs bshad sgron med, 27 folios.
byams smon gyi 'grel ba rgyal sras rnams kyi thabs mkhas la 'jug pa'i sgo, 11 folios.
zab mo gcod kyi nyams len dang 'brel ba'i smon lam snyems rtog 'khri ba kun gcod, 4 folios.
rje btsun dam pa sangs rgyas kyi rten 'brel brgyad bcu dang 'khyug sbyad la brten pa'i 'byung bzhi'i gtor ma gton tshul, 9 folios.
tshe thar srog bslu'i phen yon 'chi med tshe yi dpal ster, 8 folios.
smon lam, 1 folios.
smon lam, 1 folios.
bshes gnyen bsten tshul gyi smon lam yan dag lam gyi rtsa ba dad pa'i gsos sman, 3 folios.
dkon mchog gsum rjes su dran pa'i mdo'i don rnam par 'grel ba lha rdzas mandarava's mchod sprin, 24 folios.

00:28, 11 January 2006 (EST)00:28, 11 January 2006 (EST)epk

Volume A:

tshul phrims yang dag par ldan pa'i mdo'i thsig don legs par bshad pa chos kyi ganda'i sgra dbyangs. 266 folios. Print of Derge Parkhang. (Dharma Kirta bka' 'bum )
00:28, 11 January 2006 (EST)00:28, 11 January 2006 (EST)epk

Volume Hung:
byang chub sems dpa'i spyod pa la 'kug pa'i 'grel bshad rgyal sras rgya mtsho'i yon tan rin po che mi zad 'jo ba'i bum bzang, 464 folios.
00:28, 11 January 2006 (EST)00:28, 11 January 2006 (EST)epk

spyod 'jug shes rab le'u'i spyi don rim pat phye ba zab mo rten 'byung gi de kho na nyid yang gsal sgron me, folios 155.
spyod 'jug shes rab le'u'i gzhung 'grel zab mo rten 'byung gi de kho na nyid yang gsal sgron me, 69 folios.
00:28, 11 January 2006 (EST)00:28, 11 January 2006 (EST)epk

rgyal sras lag len gyi 'grel pa gzhung dang gdams ngag zung 'jug bdud rtsi'i bum bzang, (The Vase of Amrita, Commentary on the Thirty Seven-fold Practice) Incorporated in the wood-blocks edition of the rgyud sde kun btus of Derge Parkhang.
% BI GL #

Major Tibetan Presses:

Nationalities Press, Beijing
Cultural Relics Press, Beijing
Sichuan Nationalities Press, Chengdu
Gansu Nationalities Press, Gansu
Qinghai Nationalities Press, Xining
Yunnan Nationalities Press, Yunnan
Tibet People's Press, Lhasa.

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On the history and contens of the bka' gdams glegs bam :
Two Histories of the Bka'-gdams pa Tradition from the Library of Burmiok Athing, Gonpo Tseden, Palace Monastery (Gangtok, 1977).

Dan Martin: "Pearls from bones: relics, chortens, Tertons and the signs of saintly death in Tibet" in Numen, Vol 41 (1994), Leiden: E.J. Brill. pp. 273-324

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Armor against Darkness, a commentary on the Sutra which Gathers All Intentions (mdo 'grel mun pa'i go cha) by gnubs chen sangs rgyas ye shes
Collection of Madhyamaka Reasoning (dbu ma rigs tshogs)T 3824-8 Nagarjuna
Collections of Meaningful Expressions, Udanavarga (ched du brjod pa'i tshoms) by Dharmatrata /Lord Bouddha?, T 326. Translation, G.Sparham, The Tibetan Dhammapada, London, Wisdom Publications, 1986.
Compendium of Valid Cognition (tshad ma kun btus) T 4203-4 Dignaga
Eight Transmitted Precepts (bka' brgyad)
dbu ma la 'jug pa - Introduction to the Madhyamaka T 3861
dbu ma rtsa ba shes rab - Prajnanamamulamadhyamakakarika, Root Stanzas on the Madhyamaka entitled Discriminative Awareness, Nagarjuna. V. Fatone, The Philosophy of Nagarjuna, Motilal Barnasidass, 1981. Trans. by D Kalupahana, Mulamadhyamakakarika. Albany :SUNY Press, 1986.
sgra thal 'gyur rtsa ba'i rgyud - Root Tantra of the Penetration of Sound.
stong nyid bdun cu pa - Seventy Verses on Emptiness, Sunyatasaptatti, T 3827, by Nagarjuna. Transl. D.R. Komito, Nagarjuna "Seventy Stanzas." published by Snow Lion, Ithaca, NY, 1987.
Sutra of the Arrayed Bouquet, Gandavyuhasutra, (sdong po skod pa'i mdo) part of the Sutra of Great Bounteousness of the Buddhas, T 44.
Sutra of Great Bounteousness of the Buddhas, Buddhavatamkara-sutra (sangs rgyas phal po che) T 44.
Trans. T.Cleary, The Flower Ornament Scripture, 3 vols, Shambala, Boulder, 1984.
Sutra of the Lamp of Precious Jewels, Ratnolkanamadharanimahayanasutra, (dkon mchog sgron me'i mdo or dkon mchog ta la la) T 145
The Sublime Pagoda of Precious Jewels, dkon mchog brtsegs pa T 87?
Sutra of Extensive Play, lalitavistara-sutra (rgya cher rol pa'i mdo) T 95.

Seventeen Tantras, see Nyingma School, vol.2 p.264.

  • *

Works of mkhan po ngag dga':
ye shes bla ma'i sgnon 'gro'i zin bris 18 ff
ye shes bla ma'i dngos gzhi'i zin bris 41 ff
rdzogs pa chen po bla ma yang tig las gnyis ka'i yang yig ... 109 ff

Works of Je Tsongkhapa and his disciples:

rje rinpoche bka' 'bum

in Vol. kha: sgra mi snyan gyi tshe sgrub, 5 fol.
in Vol. ja: dpal gsang ba 'dus pa'i man ngag rim lnga gsal sgron, 312 fol.
in Vol. pa: lam rim chen mo, fol. 523
in Vol. pha: lam rim chung ba, fol. 201
in Vol. ma: spyod 'jug shes rab le'u tikka'i zon 'bris, fol. 32

rgyal tshab rje'i bka' 'bum:

in Vol. nga: byang chub sems dpa'i spyod pa la 'jug pa'i rnam bshad rgyal sras 'jug ngogs 165 fol.

ROERICH, G.N. (trans.), The Blue Annals. 2nd edn. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1976. Translation of Gö Lotsawa Shonu Pel ('gos lo tsa ba gzhon nu dpal), deb ther sngon po.

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André Migot, Le Bouddha, Club Français du Livre, 1960

(Kalhana's Chronicle of the Kings of Kashmir)
"From a certain foreign country named Lo had come her father's guru who in hoshan language was described as stunpa (skt Sasta, tib. ston pa). He was the founder of the stupa of Lo ston pa."
See also: M.A. Stein : Kalhana's Chronicle of the Kings of Kashmir. Westminster : Archibald Constable and Co. 1900. Ref Kaiser Library 7-828A
Ranjit Sitaram Pandit: Rajatarangini. Allahabad: The Indian Press, 1931. Ref. Kaiser Library - 7-827
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