gzhan dbang

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enchantment, relative, dependent on others, (absolutely specific constitutive principle, that which fits into the world order, that which arises in dependence on causes and conditions and is the reason for yongs grub), 2 forms (pure (saintly person's continual awareness and ??), See also (mtshan nyid gsum). JV

dependent [nature] [thd]

Dependent; dependent conditionality, relative, dependent phenomena, other powered, in context of mtshan nyid gsum. control by externals, the dependency nature, dependent phenomena, dependent category; conditioned; relative dependence; relatively dependent; external influence. Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: rdzas su yod pa ste don byed nus pa'i phyir ro; gzung 'dzin gyi dngos por snang ba'i rnam par shes pa tsam ste/ ma rig pa'i bag chags kyi gzhan dbang du gyur pa'i snang ba yin pa'i phyir ro phung khams skye mched kyi chos su snang ba'i gzung cha'i rnam pa dang/ 'dzin cha'i rnam par snang ba yang dag pa ma yin pa'i kun tu rtog pa zhes bya ste gzhan dbang rang gi rgyu rkyen las skyes pa'i rnam par rig pa tsam yin la/ rang gi zhes pa ni rnam par rig pa'i shes pa de dang skyes pa'i rgyu rkyen mthun pa'am rung ba las 'byung ba'i don yin no/ /de'ang gzhan zhes pa ni kun gzhi'i steng du bzhag pa'i sna tshogs pa'i bag chags rnams yin la/ bag chags de'i dbang las kun gzhi'i rnam par shes pa]] rnam rig dang bcas pa snang bar 'gyur ba yin no/ /de la rnam shes gsal rig tsam zhig bag chags kyi dbang du ma gyur na/ rnam par rig pa sna tshogs par mi 'gyur bar rang tshugs su gnas pa yin pa las/ bag chags gzhan dbang du gyur pas rnam par rig pa sna tshogs su gyur pa yin no RY

relative dependence; relatively dependent; (seemingly) external influence; isc. projections; isc. externals [RB]

the influence sdig pa'i gzhan dbang the influence of their wrong actions [RY]