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Ralung Monastery, 1939

rwa lung dgon
Ralung Monastery was founded by Tsangpa Gyare Yeshe Dorje(1126-1216) in 1180. Until the 16th or 17th century Ralung was the principal centre of the Drukpa Kagyu school in Tibet.

Early Drukpa Lineage of Ralung

Chart of the hereditary Palden Drukpa lineage (དཔལ་ལྡན་འབྲུག་པའི་གདུང་བརྒྱུད་) of Ralung from the founder Tsangpa Gyare Yeshe Dorje (gtsang pa rgya ras ye shes rdo rje), (1161-1211) the main disciple of Lingje Repa Pema Dorje (gling rje ras pa padma rdo rje), (1128-1188), through the "Incomparable Nine Lions" and the to the 18th throne holder, Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal (17C.), who moved to Bhutan where he unified the country and established the Southern Drukpa Kagyu school. Successive throne holders are numbered with their names in bold text.

Gya Zurpo Tsape
Kalden (skal ldan) monk
Lhanyen (lha gnyan)
Lhabum (lha 'bum)
Mangtsen (smang btsan) d. young
Jotsul (jo tshul) monk
Gomped (sgom pad) monk
1. Tsangpa Gyare[c 1]
2. Dharma Senge[c 2]
Lhatsen (lha btsan)
3. Zhonnu Senge[c 3]
Rinchen Pel
Lopon Ontag (dbon stag)
4. Nyima Senge[c 4]
Dorje Lingpa Senge Sherab
5. Senge Rinchen[c 5]
6. Senge Gyalpo[c 6]
7. Jamyang Kunga Senge[c 7]
8. Lodro Senge[c 8]
9. Sherab Senge[c 9]
10. Yeshe Rinchen[c 10]
11. Namkha Palzang[c 11]
12. Sherab Zangpo[c 12]
Dorje Gyalpo
13. Kunga Paljor[c 13]
Rinchen Zangpo
14. Ngawang Chögyal[c 14]
Drukpa Kunleg
Ngawang Dragpa
15. Ngakyi Wangchuck[c 15]
Ngawang Tenzin
16. Mipham Chögyal [c 16]
Tsewang Tenzin
17. Mipham Tenpai Nyima[c 17]
Tenzin Rabgye
18. Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal[c 18]
Jampal Dorje

Hereditary Throne Holders of Ralung

  1. Tsangpa Gyare Yeshe Dorje (gtsang pa rgya ras ye shes rdo rje) (b.1161-d.1211)
  2. Dharma Senge Sangye On (dhar ma seng ge sangs rgyas dbon ras)
  3. Drukpa Zhonnu Senge (gzhon nu seng ge) (b.1200-d.1266) - became throne holder at the age of 33.
  4. Nyima Senge (nyi ma seng ge) (b.1251-d.1287) - became throne holder at the age of 16.
  5. Pökyapa Senge Rinchen (spos skya pa seng ge rin chen) (b.1258- d. 1313) - became throne holder at the age of 30.
  6. Senge Gyalpo (seng ge rgyal po) (b.1289-d.1326) - became throne holder at the age of 25
  7. Jamyang Kunga Senge ('jam dbyangs kun dga' seng ge) (b.1289-d.1326) - became throne holder at age 13.
  8. Lodrö Senge (blo gros seng ge) (b.1345-d.1390)
  9. Drukpa Sherab Senge (shes rab seng ge) (b.1371-d.1392) - became throne holder at the age of 7.
  10. Drukpa Yeshe Rinchen (ye shes rin chen) (b.1364-d.1413) - became throne holder at the age of 29.
  11. Drukpa Namkha Palzang (nam mkha' dpal bzang) (b.1398-d.1425).
  12. Drukpa Sherab Zangpo ('brug pa shes rab bzang po) (b.1400-d.1438)
  13. Gyalwang Je Kunga Paljor (kun dga' dpal 'byor) (1428-1476) - Gyalwang Drukchen II
  14. Drukpa Ngawang Chögyal (ngag dbang chos rgyal) (b.1465-d.1540).
  15. Ngakyi Wangchuck (ngag gi dbang phyug grags pa rgyal mtshan)(b.1517-d.1554).
  16. Mipham Chögyal (mi pham chos rgyal)(b.1543-d.1604).
  17. Mipham Tenpai Nyima (mi pham bstan pa'i nyi ma) (b.1567-d.1619).
  18. Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal (zhabs drung ngag dbang rnam rgyal) (b.1594-d.1651)


  • Author: Yonten Dargye; Title: History of the Drukpa Kagyud School in Bhutan (12th to 17th Century A.D.) [ISBN 99936-616-0-0]

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